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Moonstone Jewelry

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Moonstone Jewelry - An Orb of the Moon

Timeless, elegant, and sophisticated Moonstone Jewelry is a pure bliss for all those who seek simplicity at its best. With its glinting light that reminds us of the mesmerizing light of the Moon on a peaceful night, it sure turns your jewelry game into a magical show. This quality is the reason why often people call it with the name “Moon Magic Jewelry”. The sheen light and cold radiance of this gem resembles to the moon itself.

With its eternal beauty it appears as an orb of the moon that is here on the earth to spread its moonshine. The cold icy radiance matches to the cool tones of a snow on dark night. You can grab a piece of Moonstone Ring for to experience the best of this gem, as you will be able to directly cherish its features on your hands.

What is a Moonstone Crystal?

The Real Moonstone Crystals are a variety of feldspar minerals that are spread across the crust of the earth. At first gaze, you might confuse it with a pearl or an Opal. But the gem holds its own unique identity and appearance that is worth cherishing. It is capable of showing a stunning property of Adularescence that gives it an extraordinary blue sheen which is highly popular worldwide.

The crystals exhibiting this phenomenon are highly cherished and equally valued. The ever-gleaming jewel spreads its light everywhere it goes making everyone swoon over its magnificent beauty. Also, you will see Moonstone Birthstone Jewelry for the people born in the month of June as it is associated with that particular month. It is believed that it provides special benefits to the people born in this month.

Natural Moonstone and the Moon Magic Jewelry

Moonstone is long associated with the natural powers of the moon. Various ancient folklore relates its connection with special powers and benefits and each culture holds a different view. Some believe that it is made up with solidified moonbeams and thus the crystal is embedded with extraordinary charm. Others claim that Natural Moonstone crystals can provide you the power to on look the future and allows time travel when put in the light of full moon.

These all are just ancient stories and their truth depends on your own belief. However, the most believable thoughts were that the Moon Magic Jewelry brings good luck and natural calm in your life. These are even carried in today’s scenario and can be relied upon to a great extent.

Elegant Designs of Moonstone Jewelry

If you are among those who love to keep it classic and elegant, you have come across one of the best site. Wear the most ethereal designs of Moonstone Jewelry and be among the show stoppers that keeps the trend on tips. At Sagacia Jewelry you can explore from a vast eye-catching designs. Be it elegant, chick, or classic, you will love the unique assortment that we have created for you in our Gemstone Jewelry. Ready to shop some exclusive designs for yourself? Explore from a variety of crystals like Swiss Blue Topaz, London Blue Topaz, Rose Quartz, etc.

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