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Larimar Jewelry – The Blue Stone of the Caribbean

There is no denying that Jewelry is the most evergreen and all-time partner of almost every person out there when it comes to accessorizing for a special occasion. Be it men or women, everybody loves to adorn Jewelry to look glamorous and get a head-turning statement at an event. And it is obvious. Jewelry plays a vital role in making a person look confident, transforms one's individuality, and secretly tells a lot about personality without uttering a word.

However, a few types of Jewelry never go out of style, and people tend to gravitate towards more for their alluring structure and colors. So, which type of Jewelry is it? It is none other than Gemstone Jewelry. They are classic and elegant and can be styled with several outfits, such as formal, casual, bohemian, vintage, western, ethnic, streetwear, and many more.

Furthermore, wearing gemstone Jewelry is a fantastic choice for those seeking durability and sustainability in their adornments. Gems come from nature, mined naturally, and carved into pieces of Jewelry for an earthy and grounded appeal. Whether necklaces, hoop earrings, bracelets, or pendants, people have been obsessed with these precious stones for centuries.

The divine and timeless beauty of gems adds sophistication to any look and astounds us with its powerful talismanic traits. In this realm, you cannot escape from the charm and grace of beautiful gemstone rings that can be the focal point of an outfit. With the right choice of rings, one can feel confident and attractive.

Larimar gemstone rings are a must-try if you are also a gemstone lover. Larimar is an adorable rare blue stone from the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean and possesses mystical powers to impart communication skills and inner wisdom. It offers soothing and cleansing energies that further aid in stress relief, high blood pressure, and various skin conditions. Let's find out about the Larimar gemstone in detail.

Larimar Rings - Embodying Serene Energies of the Sky and Sea

Larimar is a one-of-a-kind enchanting gemstone known for its eye-captive blue color with white swirls on its surface, creating an excellent Larimar Jewelry collection for Jewelry lovers and gemstone admirers. It is a silicate mineral pectolite with a glossy luster and gleaming colors, varying from whitish blue to green-blue or deep blue. Its tempting blue hues resonate with the tranquil energies of the sky and sea, beneficial to those who are emotionally hurt, burdened, and discouraged.

Larimar's name is taken after combining "Lari" from Larissa and "mar," which means sea in Spanish. Larissa is Miguel Mendez’s daughter, who found the stone in the Caribbean in 1974. The stone is also referred to as "Atlantis stone" due to its link with the Atlantis continent and as "Dolphin stone" due to its believed energy in communicating with dolphins in Atlantis. With a 4.5 to 5 ranking on the Mohs hardness scale, it makes delicate yet striking and irresistible Jewelry, such as Larimar earrings, necklaces, or bracelets.

Since Larimar is a "spiritual stone," wearing Larimar rings or keeping the stone close to the body supports throat chakra and infuses a sense of courage, decisiveness, and emotional alignment in its beholders. It also removes self-suppressing thoughts, mental chaos, and dilemmatic struggle. Larimar works wonders for all those born in February and March with the zodiac sign of Leo and Pisces. Larimar rings, or bracelets pressed directly against the skin, can help uplift your vibrational energies and motivate you to channel them into manifesting dreams and life goals.

Get The Exquisite Larimar Jewelry Collection At Sagacia Jewelry

Larimar is a water-safe gemstone, meaning it will not get damaged in water, making it an excellent choice for Larimar Jewelry for everyday wear, including rings and bracelets. But simultaneously, it is vital to avoid getting the stone wet for prolonged periods; otherwise, it can cause discoloration. Meditating with this earth-healing stone helps carriers connect to the earth's energy and restore the connection with Mother Nature. Just lying down and positioning the stone over the heart, third eye, or solar plexus helps promote self-healing and aligning the mind, body, and soul.

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