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Lapis Lazuli Rings - Embrace The Richness of Blue In Your Attire

While choosing a perfect piece of Jewelry, we generally tick mark a long and significant checklist that helps us ensure that we make the correct jewelry-buying decision. Whether selecting the color of the Jewelry according to our skin tone to flaunt its beauty exceptionally or texture to go with our outfits, the type and design of the Jewelry excel our presence in the crowd.

However, in today’s world, where every second person is struggling with their own life battles and going through a lot, enough to lead them to a state of mental chaos, stress, and indecisiveness, it is essential to have something that not only makes them look confident and glamorous but genuinely instills a sense of emotional safety, self-care, and self-esteem into them. Here, the gemstone Jewelry has completely proved the “Killing two birds with one stone” proverb right? But how, must be wondering?

Gemstone Jewelry has been appreciated since the ancient era of the Egyptians and Greeks. All thanks to the eye-captive play of colors, variety of shades, and gleaming luster of the stone, making excellent gemstone Jewelry, along with an added advantage of talismanic qualities to heal and align overall body, mind, and soul. One such gemstone is Lapis Lazuli, which looks ravishing in bold blue Lapis Lazuli rings.

Lapis Lazuli, a beautiful and intriguing stone that captures attention with its unique radiance and bright blue color, resembles a sky at night full of stars. It makes Lapis Lazuli Jewelry a must-have in your jewelry wardrobe, especially for people born in September. It is a stunning blue stone associated with the zodiac signs of Virgo and Sagittarius. Also, wearing Lapis Lazuli Jewelry is believed to alleviate various physical and emotional ailments with its powerful, calming, and soothing energies. Let’s learn more about the striking blue stone and its healing qualities.

Experience The Royalty with Lapis Lazuli Jewelry

Lapis is a Latin word that means “stone,” whereas Lazuli is derived from the Persian word “lazhuward,” meaning ‘Blue.’

Lapis Lazuli is one of the most prized and oldest gemstones in history for thousands of years to adorn Jewelry and great artworks, from pharaohs’ burials, including King Tut’s, to the chapel. Now you can guess how much royalty this natural rich blue stone holds.

A beloved stone by the ancient Egyptians, Babylonians, Minoans, Chinese, Greeks, and Romans, the deep blue stone had extreme usage in creating the finest works of art, with the death mask of King Tutankhamun, the most famous one. Even Cleopatra, the Egyptian beauty, is believed to have adorned her eyes with the crushed powder of Lapis Lazuli. The stone was also used to make the deep blue ultramarine in the Middle Ages to paint the royal attires of kings & queens.

Furthermore, the Sumerians linked the stone with their god’s spirits, and Egyptians saw it as an amulet for royalty, strength, wisdom, and courage. Since the early times, Lapis Lazuli Jewelry has been worn to ward off evil eyes. Till today, Lapis Lazuli rings are known to aid in balancing the third-eye and crown chakra that cause blurred vision, poor sight, headaches, anxiety, and skin disorders.

Sagacia Jewelry – A Prominent Lapis Lazuli Destination

Lapis Lazuli is an extremely blue stone of lazurite, calcite, pyrite, and other minerals. This classic combination of texture gives the stone its glossy, lustrous look. Its blue color was often associated with the sky and heavens, signifying the afterlife by the ancient civilization.

The stone hasn’t lost its significance till today, when some believe that wearing Lapis Lazuli bracelets, rings, or earrings can benefit our respiratory and nervous systems. Its soothing energies help reduce inflammation, promote healing, and help identify the karmic reasons for diseases. Afghanistan and Pakistan are best known for yielding the finest Lapis Lazuli stones, while other sources are Colorado, California, Italy, Canada, and Myanmar.

Lapis Lazuli is often revered as a calming and soothing stone that creates a sense of emotional stability and ease, allowing its beholders to find a break from life’s challenges. If you also want to invest in this rich blue stone, you must take proper care of it. With a hardness of 5-6, it is a delicate stone that needs gentle cleansing and recharging when worn as Jewelry.

Sagacia Jewelry presents you with a fabulous collection of Lapis Lazuli rings and other Lapis Jewelry crafted with superb quality metals like 925 sterling silver, gold, platinum, etc. They also have an excellent collection of gemstone earrings, bracelets, pendants, and necklaces equipped with precious and semi-precious gemstones in various colors, shapes, designs, and patterns. You can also explore Plain Silver Jewelry, Chakra Jewelry, Birthstone Jewelry, Zodiac sign Jewelry, Designer Jewelry, and many more at the most affordable rates. Visit the website and make an informed decision now.