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Descend Into The Aura of Optimistic Green Onyx Jewelry

The era we are living in is fast-moving, and it doesn't stop for anyone. We have to keep hand in hand with this generation. But moving fast in this world, we neglect our stability and personal lives. Also, we ignore our physical as well as our mental health. We are all dealing with something mental, emotional, or even physical that we cannot tell or communicate to anyone, and silently fighting many battles. Also, we are surrounded by so much negativity in the world. But we are so busy in the cycle of living that we forget to take care of ourselves and our health. We need some time to look after ourselves properly. But the question arises - How? There are many options, such as meditation, massage, counseling, rehab, etc., but the problem is we don't have time for all this. 

With our busy schedule, we cannot get time to work efficiently on ourselves, so the best option that effectively helps us is Gemstones. Yes! Gemstones can be a great companion for easily dealing with day-to-day tasks and problems. The naturally occurring gemstones are considered to have many healing properties. In the world, there are more than 3000 varieties of minerals, but only 50 are well-known as gemstones. Since a long time, gemstones have been used as a talisman to remove negativity and help cure physical as well as mental ailments. Even in many historical and mythological theories, numerous gemstones have marked their presence. We can't complete the list in this article, but we will focus intensely on one gemstone, a green-colored variety of Onyx, Green Onyx.

This article will explain the meanings, possessions, and intriguing attributes of Green Onyx. Let's go through every aspect of this mesmerizing jewel and learn all there is to know about it.

Foreword to The Green Onyx

This beautiful and mesmerizing natural splendor is generally called "Sulemani" in Hindi and has a mesmerizing quality that never fails to amaze. This stone is a cryptocrystalline construction of chalcedony and quartz minerals. It appears in a soothing and creamy green shade. Due to its color, it is sometimes mistaken for Jade and primarily for Emeralds. Green Onyx has been progressively being used as an alternate for Emerald. This stone is perfect for anyone who desires to express themselves from the core of their heart and improve their evocation and brilliance. It ranks 6.5-7 according to the Mohs scale of hardness. Green Onyx is specifically sourced from India, the USA, Uruguay, Madagascar, Brazil, and Peru. This gemstone is demanded not only for its healing benefits but also for its use in flooring and decor. The worth of a Green Onyx stone ranges from $20 to $100 per carat. 

Tales and History Telling of Green Onyx

In cultures such as the Greek, Green Onyx holds a great and diverse record dating back to archaic periods when it was utilized for spiritual practices and adored by different civilizations. It was also acknowledged as a stone of good fate and was treasured as an amulet or fortunate delight by numerous age-old cultures. Green Onyx has been discovered at entombing places and in archeological proof of antique mystical patterns. 

Native American Indian tribes also believed this stone was powerful and had uncountable magical possessions. It is a fact that the stone was cherished by Egyptian pharaoh Cleopatra VII, the last monarch of ancient Egypt, who confidently modeled it in her royal diadem. The traces of this stone are also mentioned in the Bible. In some cultures, it was believed that Green Onyx stones had trapped demons inside them. 

According to Greek mythology, the Green Onyx gemstone has a spellbinding folklore that can be outlined back to the deities of love and wine. The stone is believed to have been associated with the Greek divinity of love and sexuality, Eros, and the Roman goddess of love and beauty, Venus. Interestingly, the Greek god Dionysus is also said to have a Green Onyx stone that he usually wore around his neck.

Unlock The Magic of Healing with Green Onyx

As we have mentioned earlier, people usually do not have time to heal from mental, physical, and emotional problems smoothly; they need some sort of support that gemstones can provide. Gemstones help heal powerfully; all it requires is trust, manifestation, and visualization. The most important thing to attain the utmost benefits of any gemstone, including Green Onyx, is that it has to be in touch with your body or skin. The best way to use this stone is to wear it in the form of jewelry. Green Onyx jewelry, such as rings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, earrings, etc., can be a great alternative that touches your skin whenever you wear it. Let us now learn about the healing benefits of wearing Green Onyx. 

1. Benefits to You Physically

Green Onyx stone is promising for curing ulcers and controlling blood pressure. It helps in treating skin, nose, eyes, stomach, and other prolonged internal diseases. It enables you to enhance the health of your hair, teeth, and bones. The natural Green Onyx means providing you with a healthy lifestyle. It is considered to improve physical strength, immunity, and stamina, boosting energy and overall vitality. It also sharpens your memory and promotes the power of your brain. It helps in quick healing from physical wounds and injuries.

2. Influence You Mentally and Emotionally

Green Onyx is an emphatic gemstone that holds numerous mental and emotional benefits. It improves one's capability to deal with emotional anxiety and encourages emotional recovery. This energetic green gravel institutes a feeling of peacefulness and serenity, discharging pessimistic sentiments and substituting them with optimistic ones. This stone promotes your confidence and encourages you to express yourself. It helps you to fight mental problems like anxiety, PTSD, depression, etc. and provides stability and clarity in your decisions. 

3. Enhances You Spiritually 

Green Onyx can oblige its wearer to articulate with the divine and spiritual domain. Individuals visualizing and meditating with this stone can enhance their psychic mastery and inherent instinct. It can also help someone who wants to acquire a great understanding, sympathy, and other spiritual chasteness. As an outcome, it is an extraordinary rock for those aspiring for a forthright connection with divinity. This stone also induces and boosts your psychic abilities. This stone helps to connect with one's soul companions and guardian angels.

4. Stimulates the Heart Chakra

The green color of Green Onyx represents nature, evolution, and regeneration, which is why it is associated with the Heart or Anahata Chakra. This stone helps stimulate and balance the Heart chakra, which dismisses and lessens the ailments related to the heart. You can produce an astonishing affinity between all the chakras by utilizing Green Onyx to restore your Heart chakra. This chakra can help you fill your heart with unconditional love, improve your relationship's intimacy, and remove misunderstandings. 

5. Astrology and Green Onyx

Gemstones have a significant influence on the astrology. Similarly, Green Onyx is associated with astrology, and Mercury is its governing planet. This stone is advised to wear when there is a wrong impact of planet Mercury's position in a person's horoscope. The people born in May can wear Green Onyx as a birthstone. This charming gemstone is stated to be a character of innocence and tranquility. The natural element of this stone is the Earth. The zodiac signs that can wear Green Onyx are Leo, Virgo, Capricorn, and Gemini. Green Onyx should be worn on any finger of the right hand.

Cleansing and Charging Green Onyx

Every gemstone requires to be cleansed and charged before use. Also, it is necessary to charge your stone repeatedly at some intervals. Likewise, Green Onyx should also be cleansed and charged before using or wearing it. If you are wearing Green Onyx jewelry, it is also necessary to cleanse and charge your jewelry piece to get the maximum benefit of the stone. Here are some steps used to clean and charge Green Onyx.

  • Saltwater:- 
    One of the easiest and simplest ways to cleanse and charge Green Onyx is to put it in salt water overnight. If possible, put your stone in sea or ocean water to get it purified.
  • Running Water:-
    Try putting your Green Onyx stone in running water for some time to cleanse it. The best way is to keep it in dewdrops or rain, as nature is forever the most pleasing purifier.
  • Soil:- 
    To acquire the powers of Mother Earth, put your Green Onyx in a safe place under the soil. Put your stone in your home garden or under any plant, as Earth is an excellent method of cleansing and charging.
  • Natural Light:- 
    Another best way to cleanse and charge your Green Onyx is to let it rest under natural light, like sunlight or moonlight, untouched for at least 10-12 hours. 
  • Smoke and Smudge:- 
    This process involves burning herbs or sage to create smoke and then passing the Green Onyx through the smoke to purge them of any negative energy. 

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