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London Blue Topaz Jewelry

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Fascinating Beauty of London Blue Topaz Jewelry: A Gem Worth Admiring

It is human nature to fall for beautiful and exciting colors. We are surrounded by vivid colors that captivate our hearts. Color psychology is the analysis of shades as a factor of human demeanor. Color is something that clearly expresses us, our personality, and our emotions. Similarly, in the world of gemstones, the essential factor is the color of the gemstones. The preciousness of a gemstone depends upon the 4C's. The 4Cs are clarity, color, cut, and carat, and color is the most researched thing about a gemstone. Different gemstones come in various colors, such as red, blue, green, yellow, pink, and more. 

Every shade has exceptional charisma and allure, and people usually select jewels that resonate most with them, also based on their favorite color. From colorless diamonds to black-colored onyx, every gemstone has a unique chemical and atomic structure. The color of a stone is one of the prominent factors in its selection. Also, they are well-known and desired due to their color. For instance, Emerald is famous for its exquisite green color, Ruby for its blood red, Amethyst for purple, Citrine for yellow, Obsidian and Onyx for black, etc. But when it comes to blue jewels, London Blue Topaz is one of the most mesmerizing and beloved gemstones for gem enthusiasts. 

London Blue Topaz has a medium to dark greyish-blue hue. It is a stone worth marveling for its beauty and classiness. It is generally used in jewelry, such as London Blue topaz rings, London Blue topaz earrings, London Blue topaz necklaces, London Blue Topaz Pendants, etc. This stone can perfectly complement any outfit and fashion. Also, this stone holds many metaphysical, mental, and physical advantages, which is another reason to wear this stone. Let us look at the beauty of London Blue Topaz and why it is worth admiring. 

Know More About London Blue Topaz

Apart from its color, London Blue Topaz has many other factors that can describe the beauty of the stone. It is a constituent of the beryl mineral group constructed in a hexagonal crystal structure. It scores an 8 according to the Mohs hardness scale, which is great to be worn daily. It is majorly sourced from Brazil, Mozambique, the USA, Mexico, Russia, Nigeria, and Sri Lanka. This stone is famous for being the darkest, most decadent shade of Topaz available in the market. The price of London Blue Topaz varies from $10 to $30 per carat. This stone is regarded as the stone of enduring friendship, love, and loyalty. With its growing popularity, London Blue is the most demanding stone for engagement rings. Also, this jewel can be a great gift option for your loved ones. It can be a tremendous gift for the 19th and 23rd wedding anniversary.

Yesterday Tales of London Blue Topaz

Every gemstone has a history; London Blue Topaz also has a great history to tell. Topaz has persisted since the primordial periods, according to the Old Testament. In earlier times, Yellow Topaz was the most popular type of Topaz until London Blue Topaz was discovered. On the basis of the Old Testament, "topaz" describes a precious gemstone. In 1910, this stone was initially uncovered in Brazil. However, some acknowledge it to have originated in Sri Lanka. 

The United Kingdom's Natural History Museum in London is famous for its mineral museum, where one of the exhibitions in the gallery displays an excellent Blue Topaz, also known as 'The Ostro Stone.' Some decades back, in 1960, this stone was discovered in Brazil by a British explorer, Max Ostro. This stone is the most extensive cut Topaz ever exhibited, estimated 15 centimeters in length and 10.5 centimeters in width, and weighs an exceptional 9,381 carats. It is the only reason of influence for the name of this stone.

According to Egyptian mythology, the London blue topaz is known as the "gem of the sun." It was believed that the stone was blessed with the powers of Ra, the sun god, and the wearer of the ring would also be blessed with its powers.

Breathtaking Boons of Wearing London Blue Topaz Jewelry

Wearing gemstones in the form of jewelry can be a boon to its wearer. It is a great option to arrange your stone in a piece of jewelry touching your skin. As stated in astrology, one will get the maximum benefit of a gemstone when it touches one's skin or body. Similarly, wearing London Blue topaz jewelry will have a lasting impact on its wearer. The vibrancy of this crystal is apparent, expeditious, and committed. It conveys tranquility and calmness but is also generous and positively energized. Let us know in depth the benefits a person will get after wearing London Blue topaz jewelry.

  • Wearing London Blue topaz jewelry affects the working of the pancreas and intestine, which in turn helps promote proper digestion. It detoxifies the liver, kidneys, and spleen. It also encourages the immune and nervous systems.
  • This mesmerizing stone removes the pain or ailment related to bones and teeth. London Blue topaz jewelry can be worn to cure prolonged diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, and thrombosis. It makes you energetic and strengthens the vitality of its wearer.
  • London Blue topaz stone also acts as a stone of communication and self-expression. Its calming vitality obliges in the confounding fear of public speaking. It encourages self-confidence, letting one communicate one's opinions and feelings easily.
  • London Blue topaz jewelry helps us communicate better by fostering and opening the Throat chakra. It allows us to express ourselves more authentically. It also helps us connect more deeply with our spiritual selves and express our creativity.
  • It is an effective stone that brings wealth, good fortune, and surplus. It boosts friendship by allowing us to develop a more promising perspective. The vibrancy of London Blue topaz jewelry can help you find internal calm and patience.
  • London Blue topaz jewelry can be worn as this charming stone promotes emotional equilibrium and peacefulness. It is a well-known stone that relieves tension, uneasiness, and anxiety, delivering an essence of calm and tranquility.
  • London Blue topaz jewelry can also be used as a tool of introspection and spiritual maturation because it helps associate us with more elevated realms and enhances instinctive power. It fosters forgiveness and promotes a cheerful outlook toward life.
  • London Blue topaz stone is connected with the transparency of opinion, improving mental principles, and assisting decision-making strategies. It encourages creativity and individualism. Its gentle vitality echoes deeply with the soul, mind, and body.
  • London Blue topaz jewelry helps in removing negativity inside and outside of the wearer. It fosters lasting love and connection, activates more profound wisdom and magical protection, attracts prosperity, and helps communicate with our ancestors and guarding angels.

Profundity of London Blue Topaz Jewelry in Astrology

Jupiter, the biggest planet in the solar system, is the governing planet of London Blue topaz Stone. This planet helps attract good luck, discipline, ambition, abundance, development, and growth. The ruling natural element of this stone is Air and Water. Sagittarius, Taurus, Leo, Gemini, Cancer, Aries, Scorpio, and Pisces can wear London Blue topaz stone. The numerical vibration of this lovely gemstone is 3. This exquisite stone is a winter charm and is the birthstone of December. If you are opting for the London Blue Topaz Ring, it should be worn early Thursday morning on the index finger of your right hand. 

Cleansing and Charging London Blue Topaz Jewelry

Before coming into your hand, a piece of gemstone jewelry passes through many hands. It means it comes to you with dirt, impurities, dust, and even outer negativity. So, it is an important step to cleanse and charge a stone. Remember that it is not a one-time process; you must regularly cleanse and charge your stone. You must cleanse and charge your stone with any of the following methods.  

1. Water can be an excellent means of cleansing. All you have to do is put your stone in a clean bowl full of water or a bowl filled with salt water for at least 24 hours. Also, you can put your stone in a safe place in flowing water, such as a river, stream, waterfall, or even rainfall. 
2. You can also use another stone to cleanse and charge your crystal. Selenite and Clear Quartz are the most preferred gemstones for cleansing and charging other stones. You must put your stone in, at, or near the above stones. It is one of the most popular methods of cleansing and charging.
3. You can opt for natural light also. Sunlight: put your stone in sunlight for a few hours to absorb the fiery energy of the sun, but don't put it for a long time as sunlight may fade the color of the stone. Moonlight: put your stone under the full moon overnight to acquire the calmness and serenity of the moon.
4. You can cleanse and charge your stone with the help of smudging and smoking. Use sage leaves or sticks, incense, or palo santo sticks, lighten it, and put your stone in its smoke. Also, keeping the stone over the smoke of a scented candle can be a great option.
5. You can also use the method or power of affirmation. All you have to do is hold your stone with clean hands and a positive mind and recite the positive affirmation to cleanse and charge your stone. Stone affirmations are terms, expressions, or sentences to sanctify, charge, and manifest connotations. 

Upgrade your Collection with London Blue Topaz Jewelry

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