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A Reflection of Rich Culture and Tradition with Exquisite Opal Jewelry

Jewelry reflects the rich culture, history, heritage, and traditions of a country. Each country has its unique and certain design that can display the identity of a nation. Since ancient times, jewelry has been worn to represent and indicate social position, religious opinions, and personal decoration. The jewelry is created using numerous minerals, including gold, silver, brass, copper, and precious or semi-precious gemstones, and is usually designed to look striking and eye-catching. Jewelry is something that is not gender, religion, or community-biased. It can be adorned by anyone in the entire world. From complicated latticework to incredible gemstone settings, there is something for every person to relish in this remarkable and exquisite craftwork. 

In families, jewelry is often passed down through the generations to commemorate common values and customs. A piece of jewelry may tell the tale of a family, capturing their unique essence and demonstrating their devotion and affection for one another. Certain jewelry items contain personal and emotional significance because they are gifts of love and blessings from one person to another. Because of this, jewelry is considered more than a fashion item and not merely a wise financial investment. Engagement rings set with gemstones are more popular today and are setting a trend than those set with diamonds. 

When it comes to gemstone engagement rings, Ethiopian Opal is not sitting at the back. Yes, you have heard about Australian Opal or Opal many times, but another and newest variant of Opal is Ethiopian Opal. Ethiopian Opal is one of the most cherished gemstones among gem stockpilers, jewelry designers, and gemstone fanatics. This stone has many therapeutic properties that we will learn further. In this blog, we are going to learn about the meaning, types, worth, astrological points, cleansing and charging techniques of Ethiopian Opal, and an important question: What makes it different from Australian Opal? 

A Brief About Ethiopian Opal

An Ethiopian Opal, also known as Welo Opal, is a translucent to transparent milky-white stone that exhibits rainbow colors (play of color) such as blue, orange, green, purple, red, and yellow when seen from different angles. It also displays outstanding color designs, such as rolling shimmers and honeycombs. Nodules inside the volcanic ash in the layer between rhyolite coatings are the outcome of volcanic movement that results in the formation of Ethiopian Opals. 

Ethiopian Opal is Hydrophene, which means that it can become visibly transparent when placed inside the water. This stunning gemstone is sourced from the mountains of northern Ethiopia, a country in East Africa, especially the Wollo Province. The various types of Ethiopian Opal are Precious Ethiopian Fire Opal, Black Ethiopian Opal, Mezezo or Shewa Opal, and White Precious Opal. It ranges from 5.5 to 6.5 according to the Mohs scale of hardness. The cost of Ethiopian Opal ranges from $10 to $50 per carat. 

Difference Between Australian and Ethiopian Opal

The prime differentiation between Australian and Ethiopian Opal can be done on the basis of various grounds, including color, pattern, and origin. Let us know the differentiation.

1. Formation:- Australian Opals are more antique and constructed over million years in sedimentary cracks, whereas Ethiopian Opals are younger and developed faster from volcanic silica residues.
2. Color:- Australian Opals can include a mixture of base shades, such as white, black, or boulder, while Ethiopian Opals have a milky-white base hue. Also, Ethiopian Opals are more likely to display rainbow colors, while Australian Opals often exhibit a more solid color pattern.
3. Price:- Ethiopian Opals are generally less expensive than Australian Opals because they are abundant, although high-quality and valuable Ethiopian Opals are still available.
4. Origin:- Australian Opals are found in the deposits in New South Wales, South Australia, and Queensland in Australia, while Ethiopian Opals are found in Delanta woreda, Wegel Tena (Wollo Province), and Tsehay Mewucha localities in central Ethiopia, East Africa.
5. Pattern:- Ethiopian Opal usually has a honeycomb design, whereas Australian Opal generally has a more random pattern.
6. Surface:- Ethiopian Opals have microscopical pores that can't be seen with the naked eye but absorb liquids, while Australian Opals have a barred surface that does not absorb anything.

A Historical Journey of Ethiopian Opal

The word "Opal" comes from the Sanskrit word "Upala," which means "precious stone." After that, the Greek word "Opallios" meant "to see a color change." Ethiopian Opals have a short history, as they were initially discovered in the Wollo Province of Ethiopia in 1994. Nevertheless, the ancientest Opals encountered in a Kenyan cave around 4000 BC were presumably Ethiopian Opals. The first-ever deposit of Ethiopian Opals was discovered in the Shewa province. In 2008, miners found a second deposit in the Wollo province near Wegel Tena, resulting in the discovery of 'Welo Opals.' In 2013, the last significant discovery, the Stayish mine in the Wollo province, produced white or crystal Opal and black or dark gray Opal.

During the archaic period, Ethiopian Opals were regarded as emotional intensifiers to enhance emotions and feelings of love and passion. At the outset, the mining for Ethiopian Opals was done at small-scale mines using standard techniques. Ethiopian Opal has become an important part of the gemstone industry and an earning ground for tribal or local residents of Ethiopia. As the gemstone market arose, more ample mining procedures and foreign acquisitions merged with the industry. The Ethiopian beaded necklaces are usually given as mementos to travelers as a tradition who come to Ethiopia as regional tribes model them in some places.

Therapeutic Usefulness of Wearing Opal Jewelry

Ethiopian Opals have a significant influence on the lives of people economically and socially because of the upgradation in local areas of Ethiopia due to the increasing demand for Ethiopian jewelry. Ethiopian Opals has also brought a revolution to the jewelry and gemstone industry. Not only this but since it was discovered, Ethiopian jewelry has been worn because of its therapeutic value. So, let us also know the healing advantages of wearing Ethiopian jewelry. 

1. Ethiopian jewelry has a significant impact on ailments or infections related to skin, eyes, ears, and hair. It aids in fighting diseases of the heart, lungs, liver, and kidneys. It eases the pain throughout childbearing and before and after menstrual cycles.

2. Ethiopian jewelry can also improve the functioning of the urinary, circulatory, spleen, endocrine, and metabolic systems. It provides you with the energy of working in a tiring environment. It also sharpens your memory.

3. This stone helps make you calm-minded if you have anger issues, irritability, and other mental problems. Ethiopian jewelry can make you more enthusiastic and focused on your ambition and make you aware and rethink any foolish decision.

4. Ethiopian jewelry brings out the hidden artist in you and pushes you toward your artistic essence. It makes you more hopeful, happy, and optimistic. It promotes honesty and purity within oneself, aiding in self-reflection and recognition of truth.

5. This stone enables you to transform yourself in any problematic situation positively. It helps individuals make decisions based on truth rather than emotions. Ethiopian jewelry removes obstacles and motivates us to express and communicate our true selves.

6. Ethiopian jewelry helps establish a connection between the Crown and Root chakras. Also, it facilitates every other chakra and forms an association between the two, the Crown and Root. Apart from that, it is also related to Soma and Alta Major chakras.

7. This stone helps you connect with one's spiritual realm and attracts good luck. It promotes astral projections, karmic therapy, visualization, manifestation, kundalini awakening, and psychic communication with divine angels. 

Astrological Comment on Opal Jewelry

Ethiopian Opal predominantly represents innocence, integrity, and hopefulness. Venus, also known as 'Shukra,' is the governing planet of Ethiopian Opal. The natural ruling element of this stone is Fire. The person born in October can wear this gemstone as their birthstone. The zodiac signs that can wear Ethiopian jewelry are Libra, Pisces, and Scorpio. It resonates with the numerical vibration number 8. An Ethiopian Ring should be worn on the index finger of the right hand, usually on Fridays.

Cleansing and Charging Ethiopian Opal

There are many ways to cleanse and charge your stone, but some require special care. It means some stones are prone to the things or elements used in the cleansing and charging process. So, in the case of the Ethiopian Opals, water is not a good option for cleansing and charging. Let us know methods that can be used to purify and charge Ethiopian Opal.

  • Sound:- You can use sound to cleanse and charge your crystal. It is one of the most soothing methods. All you have to do is put your stones near any singing or sounding element, such as a singing bowl, tuning forks, or Tibetan bells, and let them absorb the vibrations of these elements.
  • Visualization:- Visualization is envisioning what you want to accomplish. Visualize a grand white light in your hands, encircling the jewel and absorbing it into it. Concentrate on all the contaminants and negative energies out of your stone and replace them with pristine, shining light.
  • Natural Light:- Put your stone in twilight, moonlight, or sunlight for a few hours so that your stone absorbs the power of natural light. It is one of the best ways to remove negativity from your stone.

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