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Swiss Blue Topaz: The Quam Perfectum Jewel for Ravishing Jewelry

The appeal for gemstones has advanced in the contemporary years as numerous individuals admire excellent and top-class gemstone jewelry items. Gemstones are cherished for their standout, uniqueness, and lastingness, making them a widespread option for wedding and engagement rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, and further varieties of jewelry. The rising market for jewels has also been triggered by the elevation of online shopping and the capability to access gemstones worldwide easily. Correspondingly, the increasing curiosity in sustainable and ethical sourcing has directed to a more significant appreciation for responsibly excavated, manufactured, and supplied gemstones. Across the board, the demand for gemstone jewelry will persistently expand as people seek special and personalized modes to represent themselves through jewelry. 

Gemstone jewelry is the market that is not going to slow down because of the growing fondness for it. Jewels are found in different shades, formations, and dimensions, making them an adaptable choice for those seeking a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. People are not only in love with the charisma of gemstones but are often related to its precise healing effects. They provide the wearer with numerous physical, emotional, and mental benefits. They also attach a person to spiritual realms. Various mythologies and historical stories have descriptions of gemstones. Research and analysis even state that these naturally occurring jewels may affect people, their bodies, and their souls. 

There are countless gemstones on the planet, each with unique qualities that make them different. With the rise in demand for many gemstones, Swiss Blue Topaz is an assertive stone that holds a special place in the market and at the heart of many. So, in this blog, we will learn many things about an exquisite gem, the Swiss Blue Topaz, also regarded as Swiss Blue. It is usually used in jewelry and is considered to have diverse empowering belongings. We are sure before the blog ends; you will make up your mind to add Swiss Blue jewelry to your collection. 

Preface To The Swiss Blue Topaz

The phrase Topaz derives from the Sanskrit word 'tapas,' which means fire. The other translations of the word Topaz come from Latin, French, and Greek. The Latin terms Topazus and Topace are translated into French as Topaz. Topaz is derived from the Greek words "Topazios" or "Topazion," which refers to a Red Sea island. Swiss Blue Topaz is a stone constructed in the orthorhombic crystal system and classified as a silicate mineral. The color of the Swiss Blue Topaz ranges from pale to medium blue shade. 

Usually, a natural blue topaz is rare, so colorless topaz is heated and treated to get its beautiful blue color. It scores 8 out of 10 on the Mohs hardness scale. The stone is sourced from Brazil, Italy, China, Pakistan, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, the United States, Madagascar, Mexico, Afghanistan, and the Ural Mountains, Russia. The price of Swiss Blue Opal ranges from $25 to $3000 per carat, depending on cut, clarity, carat, and color. It is commonly believed that this gemstone can attract love and companionship, earning it the nickname 'lover's stone.' 

Chronicle Guide to Swiss Blue Topaz

Swiss Blue Topaz was first discovered in the Swiss Alps in the late 1940s. Dating back to the archaic Egyptians, Swiss Blue has a prolonged chronology, which acknowledges it enclosed robust defensive properties. During the medieval period, it was believed to provide healing effects and was repeatedly used to treat mental conditions, fever, cold, and stimulate relaxation. It is also regarded as the talisman that wards off from evil eyes. Scientists hypothesize that Topaz existed in prehistoric times. The first topaz found was yellow, but London blue topaz is the darkest and most prosperous.

A blue stone has been associated with numerous Gods and Goddesses throughout various mythologies. For example, Lir represents the sea; Aditi, infinity; Selene, the Moon; Tefnut, the creative force of nature; and Nammu, the primal waters. Each deity represents different elements that showcase the power of this gemstone.

Heavenly Miracles of Wearing Swiss Blue Jewelry

It is believed that wearing a piece of Swiss Blue jewelry can be more beneficial for you because it comes in contact with you directly through your skin. This stone is no less than a miracle when it comes to healing. The blue color of this mesmerizing stone captivates your heart, providing peace and emotional stability and improving communication. Not only this, but this stone also acquires many other healing properties that we will discuss below.

  • Wearing Swiss Blue jewelry gently affects the throat and head. It immediately alleviates migraine pain and pressure, relieves the problem of jaw clenching, and comforts the irritated throat. It also helps in dismissing prolonged illness of the tonsils.
  • Swiss Blue jewelry also allows the wearer to dominate all sorts of eating disorders and digestion-related ailments. It also fosters the nervous system, balances the hormones, and strengthens the immune system to fight diseases.
  • Concerning cognitive fitness, Swiss Blue gemstone encourages rehab, opposes antagonistic thoughts, and conveys positivity. It provides sound health, self-acceptance, enhanced self-perception, clear decision-making, and more happiness. 
  • The moment you start wearing Swiss Blue jewelry, you begin feeling changes. You stop overthinking and become tension-free and fearless. It sets you free from every sort of mental disorder by keeping you calm and helps you gain wisdom.
  • If you are dealing with depression and anxiety due to any past trauma, opt for a Swiss Blue jewelry piece. It corresponds to the positive energy flow from head to toe, promoting clear thought, self-expression, emotional equilibrium, and inner serenity due to divine emotional healing. 
  • Swiss Blue stone unblocks and stimulates the Vishuddha or Throat chakra. It is accountable for communication between soul and body, individualism, and genuineness. It enables you to discover your sheltered voice and delivers you more self-confidence.
  • Meditating and visualizing with Swiss Blue stone activates your spirituality and encourages you to move on to its path. It enables you to connect to your spiritual realms. This stone also relaces the spirit and generates the essence of forgiveness and truthfulness. 

The Mystical Connection: Astrology and Swiss Blue Topaz

The governing planets of Swiss Blue Topaz are Saturn and Jupiter. Jupiter is connected with expansion and good luck, and Saturn illustrates discipline and resilience. This stone is associated with the numerology 1, 3, and 8. Aries, Sagittarius, Cancer, Pisces, Leo, and Scorpio are the zodiac signs that can wear Swiss Blue jewelry. Individuals born in December can wear this fantastic stone as their birthstone. The ruling element of this gemstone is Air. In astrology, wearing the Swiss Blue Ring on the ring finger of the right hand is advised. Swiss Blue jewelry should be worn early on Thursday morning. To boost your luck in your career, place a Swiss Blue stone at your workspace in the south or center according to Feng Shui principles.

Purify and Charge Your Swiss Blue Stone

The first step is to wash your stone with lukewarm, soapy water and wipe it with a clean cloth. The other few methods that can be used to cleanse and charge Swiss Blue jewelry and stone are:-

1. Salt is known for having cleansing properties, so you can use sea or rock salt to cleanse your stone. Put your stone in salt in a jar for around two to three days. 
2. Vibrations of sounding or singing bowls can be the best option to cleanse and charge your stone. Put your stone in or near the singing bowl and produce a high-pitched sound to infuse the vibrations in the stone.
3. Another way to cleanse and charge stones is smudging. Light sage with a match and use the smoke to cleanse a room of negative energy by waving the stone for 30-60 seconds.
4. You can purify and charge your stone under natural light and moonlight. Put your stone overnight under the full Moon so that it absorbs the powers of the Moon.
5. The best option that can stabilize your mind, too, is Visualization. Close your eyes and visualize optimistic vibrancy streaming through you and into the stone while reciting affirmations.

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