Benefits of Wearing Birthstone Jewelry

Life is a journey of joyful, sad, and tragic moments. Yet, challenges/complexities in life give you the strength to deal with them with complete confidence and dignity. 

Maximum people are aware of the birthstone rings and their astrological benefits, but some are still not completely aware. Precious and dazzling gemstones or crystals, both of them have unique and excellent healing qualities.

For every individual, jewelry is a prized possession. They wear it in different styles to look trendy and elegant. From the ancient era till the modern century, gemstone and appealing crystal jewelry have captivated the mind of people with their timeless beauty and healing abilities. 

Birthstones And Their Source 

The Christian Intellectuals in the 5th century found a link between the twelve gems in the Breastplate of Aaron, twelve months of the year, and twelve signs of the zodiac.  

According to them, every gem has a connection to a specific month or astrological alignment, and they would get therapeutic advantages for wearing one at that time. So, to get full benefits, people started wearing one gem every month of the year and gave distinct meaning and value to them. 

Birthstones and zodiac signs offer meaningful personalization to ornament design. At present, the fame of birthstone jewelry is just not limited to any region, age, or gender. 

According to the birth month of an individual, as per belief, modern birthstones possess healing powers. In addition, they welcome good fortune and good luck to the wearer. However, selecting one is entirely based on individual preference and choice. 

Importance of Birthstone Jewelry 

The name itself suggests the hidden meaning behind the word birthstone ornament. In the famous styles of jewelry, the birthstones never go out of trend. 

Adding a touch of grace and classiness to the ensemble, it also grooms your inner personality. Since the old age era, birthstones have been used tremendously by people. They used to wear or use them in varied ways, such as a lucky talisman, protection tool, and for good fortune. 

People wear astrological relevance of all birthstones as per the zodiac signs to deal with varied problems of life. Therefore, gifting sparkling and alluring birthstone jewelry is going to be a valuable and tempting gift for your close ones. 

Planetary movement directly affects the zodiac signs. Therefore, as per the birth date and month, one should wear the birthstone. For every month, there is a specific gemstone, and select it according to your birth date. 

Garnet Gemstone For the January Month

January month is a month to start a new year with a fresh mind and aspirations for new beginnings. People flaunt their zodiac sign and what it represents about them, and they wish to express that to the world by wearing birthstone ornaments. For example, people born in January must wear Garnet Ring.

Garnet is a red color gem that signifies love, immortality, and passion. It comprises a group of silicate minerals rather than one. The word 'Garnet comes from the Latin word 'granatus,' meaning seeds. Early Romans and Egyptians used the Garnet gemstone that was around 5000 years back. 

It's an ideal gift for the ones who are born in the first month of the year and the best present for couples who are going to celebrate their second wedding anniversary. January-born people will be amazed to know that their birthstone has many incredible healing qualities, and they are as follows: 

  • Wonderful and bright Garnet gem has terrific abilities of detoxifying and cleansing. It revives the body, heart, blood, lungs, and heart. People also use it to alleviate pain caused by Rheumatism.
  • Wearing Garnet Jewelry can shield and support during a time of crisis. It will help you to deal with the undesirable/ situations of grief. Red crystal gives you courage and encourages you to stay positive even in difficult circumstances.
  • January birthstone brings luckiness, love, success, and prosperity. It's a soothing and protective stone that helps to commit and nurture relations with other people. Garnet gemstone balance emotions and inner Chakras of the body.
  • The Garnet crystal has balance, energizing, and cleansing attributes. It also removes disagreements between the lovers. Keep the Garnet gem under the pillow to decrease the bad dreams or nightmares. 

Amethyst Gemstone For February Month 

The Amethyst is the so-called appealing gem of February month and the lead of the show. The wonder of this dazzling and charming gem has no end. Analyse and explore the world of February Birthstone or purple beauty. It belongs to the Quartz mineral family and has proven effective in encouraging clarity of mind. The birthstone of February month gets adored by the elite class and royal families. 

Historical Facts: 

  • The purple color gem gets linked with Greek mythology. It connects with the Roman God Bacchus. Old age Greeks used to drink cups made of Amethyst gems to avoid the situation of drunkenness.
  • In its entire history, the purple gem has remained a favourite of monarchical families. Even age-old Egyptians utilized them to carve gemstones.
  • Due to its deep color, many European and Asian nobility wear it in the form of Amethyst Jewelry today. The enormous beauty of the purple gem attracts females to it. Therefore, they like wearing ornaments of Amethyst in the form of pendants, earrings, and rings. 

Exclusive Healing Traits of Amethyst Gemstone:

  • The purple crystal gives its owners inner power. It depicts strength and the capacity to change, and it promotes clarity and tranquillity. It has got the title of the '' master Healer'' due to its ability of impeccable healing.
  • Amethyst has a connection with the crown and root Chakras. They can heal and balance any Chakra and helps to overpower the feelings of stress and anxiety. Retrieve self-confidence and excitement in life by using the Amethyst gem.
  • The purple gem clears all the blockages that arise in your subconscious mind and negative thought patterns. Meditation sessions will improve your intuition and clearness in your mind. Amethyst also decreases nausea, vomiting, and digestive miseries.
  • Wearing an Amethyst Ring is also going to decrease dizziness and problems in the digestive tract. In addition, wearing the purple gem can benefit you and save you from water retention. It's also an ideal gemstone to raise your self-esteem if you are feeling low for some reason. 

Aquamarine Gemstone For March Month

People born in March should wear a glossy and captivating Aquamarine gemstone. One can get this gem in varied shades of deep blue and blue-green. The Aquamarine gem belongs to the Beryl mineral family. Its found in many places, such as Brazil, Australia, China, and Pakistan.

Aquamarine is available in the paths of tinges of iron in the Beryl crystal. This premium quality gemstone is perfect for making an ideal piece of Aquamarine Jewelry. The word, Aquamarine got its name from a combination of two words, 'Aqua' meaning water and 'mare' indicating Sea. Therefore, the tempting and glowing gem looks like seawater. 

Ancient Presence: 

  • As per the suggested fables shared by the earlier people, the March Birthstone is a sacred stone of the Neptune planet. It is the Sea God of the Romans.
  • In old times, whenever the sailors went up for long-distance voyages, they carried the Aquamarine gem as their lucky talisman. They had a firm belief in the fact that the blue color gem protected them from Middle sea threats and crisis.
  • Couples of the Middle Ages had thought that Aquamarine brings joy to its wearer. In current or modern times, a husband's gift to their Brides just the day after the wedding. 

Healing Features of Aquamarine Gemstone: 

  • The March birthstone possesses soothing energies that decrease stress and provide peace of mind. It helps you to overcome fears and promote meditative powers.
  • Aquamarine welcomes abundance, peace, and serenity in life. It also improves capacities of tolerance and provides the power to take responsibility. March birthstone also enhances intuition and offers telepathy.
  • The Aquamarine Ring wearer can feel clearness in self-expression and intellectual abilities. It also controls the throat Chakra. As a result, March birthstone is damn effective during sore throats, swollen glands, and thyroid problems. 
  • The birthstone of March regulates the hormones and shields both mother and child during pregnancy. It also stimulates the immune system and relieves issues like weak vision, hay fever, and allergies.    

White Topaz Gemstone For April Month

Ones born in April will be overjoyed to know that precious and timeless White Topaz is your birthstone. Furthermore, you will be enthralled to notice that it's the alternative to diamond. White Topaz looks transparent and owes remarkable recovery and spiritual advantages. Another name for this gemstone also gets addressed as Clear or Silver Topaz. It gets mainly sourced from the mines of Brazil.From an astrological perspective, people with zodiac signs Aries and Taurus should wear charming and dazzling White Topaz Ring. This April birthstone enables its wearer to move on the right path and increase decision-making power. 

The alluring Silver Topaz has been connected with the planet Venus. As a result, it's a universal gemstone for all zodiac signs. The superb metaphysical qualities of this gem assist the wearer in personal and professional life both. 

Healing Uses of White Topaz: 

  • Magnificent Clear Topaz is a powerful healer and an outstanding gemstone for meditation. Wear White Topaz Jewelry in the form of a pendant to bring happiness and ecstasy to the life of its owner.
  • April birthstone helps its wearer to realize their unique individuality. It aligns with the crown Chakra and has the purified significance of reality. Moreover, the mesmerizing silver Topaz eliminates negative energy by alleviating stress and depression.
  • The transparent Topaz enhances mental clearness, and better focus improves intuition with self-confidence. It also promotes creativity and a positive approach. Convert your ideas to reality by using precious and appealing White Topaz.
  • The diamond alternative White Topaz provides a clear route for accomplishing all your goals in life with promptness and fluency. It also unlocks communication channels and assists in making ever-lasting professional relationships. Clear Topaz is perfect for those working in creative fields like entertainment, fashion, and art.

Green Onyx Gemstone For May Month

The magnetic May Birthstone Green Onyx is the astrological alternate of Emerald gemstone. This irresistible gem also has varied spiritual and healing attributes for its owner. 

People with zodiac signs Virgo and Gemini should wear the beautiful green Onyx, the May birthstone. The jewelry of this green beauty looks attractive in silver in the form of rings, pendants, and bracelets. Green onyx is a semi-precious astrological gem connected with the Mercury planet.

The Green Onyx has many immeasurable advantages covering economic, academic, and medical success. In addition, it calms the Heart helping you to achieve a peaceful emotional state. 

Onyx comes from the Latin term of the exact spelling of the Greek word ''onux'' which means ''fingernail'' or ''claw'' as the veins on this crystal appear similar to the color of your fingernails. Green defines earthy and green shade.

Historical Facts About Green Onyx 

  • Since historical times the Onyx, specifically black crystals, got rewarded for its use in graves and ceremonies and as an amulet for protection, daggers, and Armor to shield and empower soldiers in war.
  • In Roman and Greek cultures, the April birthstone got utilized to engrave figures of heroes and deities in intaglio and cameos carvings to design stone inlays, tiles, and seals for gold work.
  • In the 21st century, sparkling green gems get used as a gem in designing elegant pieces of Green Onyx Jewelry. 

Healing Usefulness of Green Onyx gem: 

  • May born are lucky as using their birthstone daily is good for them. Green Onyx is a strong crystal for treating conditions affecting skin, eyes, nose, and abdomen.
  • The May birthstone enhances the functioning of your nerves and sensory organs, specifically the ears. It improves hearing sensation while helping treat issues in your interior ear like tinnitus.   
  • Green Onyx is an effective stabilizer of emotions. It gives you confidence and energy during complex/ critical situations. The Green Beauty of May month can uplift mood, soothe nervousness, and revives self-control.     
  • Wear Green Onyx Ring to activate your Heart Chakra as it provides the quality of balancing your core self within the environment. 

Moonstone Gemstone For June Month

Moon and its magnificent beauty get admired by people everywhere. The June-born people will get delighted to know that their birthday month gets represented by the Moonstone gem. 

The lustrous Moonstone Jewelry displays alluring blue and white refracted light that looks like an actual moon. It also represents sacred feminine energies. Apart from this, the gemstone is known as the bringer of good fortune and luck. 

Moonstone belongs to the feldspar mineral group. Therefore, one can get the best quality sacred stone in Sri Lanka. The old Roman natural historian Pliny claimed that the Moonstone changed its look with the phases of the moon, and this faith was still present until the 16th century.

Historical Thoughts of Moonstone: 

  • The folks of ancient Roman had a belief that the image of Diana, goddess of the moon, got retained within the stone. People also thought that the Moonstone had the power to bring a win, better health, and better insight to those who wear them.
  • People of India consider the June birthstone as a divine gem and mainly on a yellow cloth, as its a holy color. Moonstone is a modern birthstone that you can gift in the 13th year of the anniversary.
  • The sacred gem also gets addressed as a 'travellers stone.' This colorful stone assists in predicting the future if you put on your mouth on a full moon. 

Healing uses of Moonstone Gem : 

  • At the physical level, the Moonstone improves digestion and eradicates toxins, and gets utilized to avoid epilepsy, kidney, or gallstones. It also solves problems related to ovaries or womb, therefore, termed the fertility crystal. 
  • The June birthstone unites lovers/ soulmates till eternity and enhances passion. At an emotional level, it promotes calmness and balance in situations that involve stress, as wearing the Moonstone Ring boosts inner growth and power.
  • Moonstone comforts, calms, increases intuition and motivation, and enables the wearer to be communicative at an emotional level. Its also known as the stone of mystery as it exposes all hidden truths. The June birthstone is also famous for uplifting, mild, and meditative by providing its wearer with clearness of instinct and inner imagination with a perfect balance of feminine and masculine energies.
  • Shamans used Moonstone in imagination work, as it aids the owner to feel stimulated, accept love, and offer amenity. It also increases self-acceptance and improves sensitivity. In short, the sacred stone shields heal and empower anyone who wears/ uses it. 

Ruby Gemstone For July Month

People born in July month will be on the seventh cloud after knowing that they can use one of the reputed gemstones of the world, Ruby. It's a classic gem for July month in maximum cultures globally. 

The red July birthstone Ruby has been given the position in the order of gemstones by the Hindus. It got named the 'King of Gems,' an accolade for its blood-red vigour, known to safeguard the wearer from evil. Ruby and its dark red color also denote love and extreme desire. Features of Ruby gemstone are balance, contentment, virtue, strength, and safety from evil. 

Old Information About Ruby : 

  • It's a valuable gem known as 'Manik ' in Hindi. As per astrology, Ruby has powerful effects as its governed by the planet Sun. It's the leader planet.
  • The name Ruby got its relevance from the Latin word Rubeus which means red. It illustrates intense love. As per the myths, if you wonder about Ruby, it means you will have good fortune.
  • Old age people believe that anyone who owns Ruby would live in peace. It also saves you from the demon. The largest size, the Ruby, got founded in 1919 after the end of World war I and was called ''Peace Ruby''. 

Healing Uses of Ruby Gem :

  • The wearer of the Ruby Ring can attain success by wearing it. Those working specifically in the fields of real estate and politics must wear it.
  • Sun has the prestigious position of the father in a horoscope. Since Ruby gets ruled by the Sun, it strengthens the relationship between father and son.
  • The July birthstone will also enhance the leadership quality of its owner. It also adds strength to bones, eyes, and heart. 

Peridot Gemstone For August Month

August born can feel revived by wearing the mesmerizing nature vibe Green color Peridot. This birthstone for August consists of historic powers of healing and eradicating nightmares. It looks damn fascinating as Peridot Jewelry and is worn mainly in the form of beads, necklaces, and more. 

Embrace joy and serenity in life by using the August birthstone. It increases power and reduces anxiety. A green color gem also helps in realizing the value of relationships and their values. 

The Peridot Birthstone is known for healing asthma and the sinus. It balances energy and evokes rebirth and revitalization. In addition, a wearer of the Peridot Ring feels protected from evil powers. 

Lapis Lazuli Gemstone For September Month

The September Birthstone Lapis Lazuli is one of the desirable gemstones utilized since early human history. Its dark blue color depicts royalty, glory, gods, energy, spirit, imagination, and universal sign of intelligence and truth. 

The gem Lapis Lazuli was present in the antiques of the old civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, and Greece. In Europe, people used it to make ultramarine, an exclusive pigment that does not get withered over time even after prolonged exposure to sunlight. 

From a healing perspective wearing Lapis Lazuli Jewelry will improve your relationships by welcoming honesty and friendship. From a health perspective, it cures headaches and enhances fertility.

Opal Gemstone For October Month

The magnetic presence of varied colors makes Opal gem a desirable October birthstone. In addition, it looks tantalizing due to the light reflection of rainbow colors. 

Individuals born in October month must wear Opal Ring to live a lavish lifestyle, good fortune, and blissful married life. As per the thought, white Opal possesses; the attributes of all colored gems due to its capability to reflect all of them under varied lighting conditions. 

Tourmaline is another birthstone for October. Its name evolved from the Sinhalese word 'toramalli,' which means stones of colors or colorful stone. 

Citrine Gemstone For November Month

All November borns can explore some things about their personality by wearing beautiful birthstones, Citrine and Topaz. The Topaz birthstone comes in many colors. 

Citrine, on the other side, has shades of orange and yellow. Topaz gem displays a variety of astonishing shades. This gem is known as the representative of the Egyptian Sun God Ra, with its stunning shine and sizzling power. 

The Citrine Birthstone has mild attributes of males like peace, loyalty, originality, and healing. Both Topaz and Citrine look damn fashionable and exquisite when worn in the form of jewelry. 

Tanzanite Gemstone For December Month

All December-born individuals must pay attention to their birthstones, namely Turquoise and Tanzanite. The Turquoise is a protective gem that is blue. 

The December Turquoise Birthstone depicts self-analysis, inner tranquillity, creativity, resilience, and good luck. In addition, it boosts the throat Chakra by enriching communication skills and self-clarity. The blue stone also heals mental and physical disorders. 

Another exclusive, eternal and sensational gem is the Tanzanite December birthstone. It offers its owner a unique path to the spiritual world. Every gem has its uniqueness and astrological relevance, which is crucial for you to know to choose wisely as per your birthday month. 

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