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Twilight Azure: Admirable Statment Lapis Ring Collection

Lapis is among the most precious because of its attractive and shimmery hue. The mesmerizing ultramarine blue of this gemstone has fascinated humans for millennia, symbolizing power, mysterious wisdom, and the afterlife in numerous cultures. It is a category of stone that falls under metamorphic rock. ‍The substance is made up of a rich blue mineral called lazurite, which is accompanied by glittery pyrite, hazy white calcite, and other minerals. Wearing a Lapis ring symbolizes truth and honesty. Lapis ranks between 4-5 on the Mohs scale. The word Lapis came from the Latin phrase, which means stone, and the Persian word Lazhward, which means blue. This stone ranges from light blue to deep blue, which increases its value. The deep cobalt color of Lapis stone evokes feelings of power and universal wisdom.

Dates Back to Lapis Gemstone History

In 7570 BC, Lapis was mined in Sar-i Sang, Shortugai, and found in Bhirrana. It is the ancient place of Indus Valley Civilisation. Lapis is 6,500 years old stone. According to some biblical scholars, the spiritual meaning of Lapis is believed to have its reference from the Old Testament, where it was mentioned as "Sapphire." In ancient times, it was the finest art and loved by Greeks, Romans, and other ancient people. It is also believed that Lapis was used in architecture and paintings of the Taj Mahal. It is believed that Lapis was used as a death mask for Tut's Tomb. Michelangelo crushed up lapis to make ultramarine, a blue paint that mimics the color of Mary of Nazareth's clothes painted on church walls. Raw Lapis was found in Afghanistan and the kingdoms of Egypt. According to Egyptians, Lapis was a popular piece of jewelry, such as Lapis rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, and earrings.

Lapis Ring: A Stone of Mind, Body, and Soul

For generations, people have respected lapis lazuli, also called the "Stone of Total Awareness," for its potent qualities. This captivating stone adorning the Lapis Ring is significant in fostering spiritual awareness, inner serenity, and mental clarity. Lapis lazuli's rich blue tones evoke the night sky and induce peace and wisdom. It is a stone of wisdom that opens the mind and promotes introspection, which makes it a perfect partner for anyone looking to advance their academic endeavors and broaden their consciousness. It is claimed to create a holistic sense of balance and unity by bringing the person's physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual facets into harmony. Within the spiritual domain, the lapis ring functions to achieve enlightenment and spiritual development. For those who succumb to its ethereal charm, the lapis ring combined with blue topaz offers a harmonious fusion of empowerment and tranquility.

Cosmic Energy: Wearing Statement Lapis Ring

Cosmic solid energies can be found in the stone lapis. Wearing a lapis ring infuses your spirit with positive energy and helps to improve psychic and intuitive talents. Lapis creates new avenues for investigation that aid in spiritual development. This stone offers spiritual guidance by making a connection with celestial energy. Lapis gives you the call of a lifetime with its extraordinary understanding of transmissions. Lapis is a soothing stone that helps with meditation because it eases tension and encourages deep breathing. Giving your significant other a lapis ring could strengthen your bond. This stone facilitates outstanding spiritual development and orientation.


Lapis Gem: Zodiac, Chakra Associations, and Birthstone Significance

Lapis can be a birthstone for September and December. The natural birthstone for December is turquoise; for September, it is sapphire, but Lapiz can be an alternate birthstone. It is connected to the Taurus, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Libra. Generally, Lapis is the stone for Sagittarius. They are connected to the blue color. Sagittarius represents honesty, hope, and faith towards their partner and loved ones. Taurus and Virgo are professional and sensible. Libra is known for its beauty and well-being.

Our eyesight and intuition become more apparent when this stone opens the Third Eye Chakra. It is said that lapis brings serenity, harmony, and wisdom. It is also connected to the Throat Chakra, which facilitates unrestricted speech and interaction. Vedic Astrology associates this stone with the mighty planet Jupiter. In astrology, Jupiter and the Guru are thought to be the most giant planets. It will undoubtedly promote success, prosperity, and financial growth. It is connected to vibration number 3 and the element of water.


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