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Statement Super Seven Pendants to Unwrap Your Modern Style

“What Contributes the Most Towards Creating an Awesome Personality”?

An outstanding personality has a significant role in making your presence shine like a diamond among a heap of stones. How you speak, walk, tie your hair, or accessorize yourself in front of others helps reveal the deep layers of your individuality. To showcase a lasting personality, accessory tops the list. Whether you opt for bold rings, dangle earrings, or statement necklaces, each piece holds its own classic aura that makes you stand out. That’s why it is essential to be selective about the kind of Jewelry you would like to embrace for the next event, be it official, casual, or a warm get-together with family or friends.

Start by finding a perfect piece of pendant that complements your silhouette and skin tone and speaks to your overall personality. You may encounter different shapes and sizes, creating a compelling and harmonious appearance. Here’s the golden rule: Experimenting with metals or layering not only helps you make a head-turning statement but also adds more flare, drama, and interest to your overall look. Opting pendants with gemstones is a great approach in this regard. The vibrance of colors and vitreous aesthetic structure allows you to mix and match them with a vast range of choices, both in Jewelry and clothing.

Super Seven is a gorgeous crystal that creates a stunning and visually appealing Super Seven Jewelry with its captivating milky-white surface and black or brown spots. The exquisite Jewelry crafted with remarkable Super Seven crystals and 925 sterling silver at Sagacia gives an aesthetic range of statement Super Seven pendant collections that you can blend with any outfit for momentous occasions.

But what are these Super Seven crystals exactly? Let’s find out in detail here:

Super Seven Pendants – A Touch of Class With Captive Brilliance

Super Seven is a very unique and rare gemstone that perfectly blends seven individual crystals in a single stone. Surprised, right? Well these crystals are - Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Smokey Quartz, Cacoxenite, Rutile, Goethite, and Lepidocrosite. Also known as “Sacred Seven,” this Super Seven stone hails from Brazil, especially the Espirito Santo region of Minas Gerais, which stands for “holy spirit.” Together, the Super Sven crystal releases the power and high-vibrational healing energies of seven different crystals, benefiting its wearers in spiritual and physical healing.

For example, Amethyst brings clarity of thoughts and wisdom, whereas Clear Quartz helps activate the crown and third-eye chakra. Smokey Quartz resonates with the Root and Solar Plexus chakra, while Cacoxenite washes away negativity and brings personal growth. Rutile is a great stone for emotional healing and past traumas, whereas Goethite aligns our Earth star and Root chakras. Lastly, Lepidocrosite emits strong vibrations to bring serenity and tranquility to handle fear, anxiety, or depression calmly.

Undoubtedly, Super Seven serves as an excellent crystal to heal, activate, and align all the seven chakras. Meditating with this “Melody Stone” helps clear negative energies and remove blockages limiting our chakras. By wearing a Super Seven ring, you can unlock your psychic abilities and develop a deeper connection with higher spiritual realms. In physical terms, it helps lessen stress and stay calm in unfavored situations. If you’re experiencing pain, it can help ease and foster a restful sleep at night.

Find Authentic and Trendy Super Seven Jewelry with Sagacia Jewelry

You might be wondered to know that individuals with zodiac signs that fall under these seven crystals can get extreme benefits from this single stone as it contains the energies of seven different crystals. Fascinating, isn’t it? It makes Super Seven an easy way to reap a group of energies at a time to help align all the chakras. Besides being a delightful therapeutic stone, the aesthetic allure and unique charm of our Super Seven Jewelry allow you to experiment with your style for an eye-captive look.

For example, our statement Super Seven pendants will give an electrifying evening look for a night party with a gray-shaded one-piece dress. Tie an uplifted bun and carry an embellished clutch to complete your look. For a cool and relaxed vibe, pair a floral knee-length dress and a pink jacket with our Super Seven rings. It will flourish an outgoing personality with feminine features enhanced. If you intend to make your face the star of the show, grab a pair of our Super Seven earrings in studs or hoops and carry it with a black lace flare dress.

Sagacia Jewelry lets you pick your perfect piece of Super Seven Jewelry in a vast range of designs, cuts, and metals at affordable rates. We are a USA-based gemstone jewelry brand offering you an ample variety of 925 sterling silver jewelry, exceptionally crafted by our skilled artisans for your elegant personality. From Golden Rutile Jewelry to Green Onyx Jewelry and Blue Opal Jewelry to Citrine Jewelry, each piece is a testament to our true dedication and zeal to transform your personality into more appealing and pleasing. Visit us now.