Sterling Silver Jewelry Collection for Diwali Festival


One of the most awaited festivals - “The Festival of Lights - Diwali” has marked its presence with the starting of October Month. What is a better way to welcome the auspicious occasion with some added glitter and shine on yourself? The mesmerizing lights, lit divas, and glazing fireworks all add to this beautiful festival's charm and bring a sense of hope to our hearts for the upcoming years. Make this Diwali celebration more special with some of the stunning Sterling Silver Gemstone Jewelry options. Whether you are planning to purchase something for yourself or a loved one, nothing can match up to the radiance and bling of colorful gemstones. 

Thus, we have come up with some of the gorgeous designs and latest trends that you can pick for this Diwali season. 

Dhanteras Glow

Before Diwali comes in full swing, the auspicious festival Dhanteras announces its impending arrival. Believed to be the festival filled with the divine blessings of Goddess Lakshmi, people purchase valuable items to bring prosperity to their homes. Thus, for this Dhanteras, buy elegant Sterling Silver Jewelry at Sagacia Jewelry and bring happiness home. So, mark the start of the festive season with complete style and choose some of the trending designs for yourself. 

You can pick any gemstone of your choice with sterling silver and dust off the traditional jewelry patterns. For occasions like Dhanteras, accessories like Citrine Jewelry with an orange-yellow hue are apt to bring the golden glow to your face. Wear your lovely jewels with full fervor since it is the perfect time to show off your fashion styles with perfection. Accent any attire with the subtle elegance of a silvery sheen that is sure to dazzle everyone with its unique glamour and will help you get those festive vibes going. 

Diwali Buzzers 

The buzzing lights of Diwali demand some extra dazzle and glamour in the look. This is why you must select gemstones that display and ooze a sense of class and perfection. Here is a list of Gemstone Jewelry choices that you can choose for your big day. 

Amethyst Jewelry

The bold and intense purple shades of the gem are perfect for celebrating Diwali with complete style. For the festive nights when the fireworks come alive, and you want to radiate spectacular charm, Amethyst Jewelry is sure to leave everyone stunned with its vibrant appeal. It is something unusual that you won’t be able to spot quickly. So, turn on the purple grace this Diwali and choose a suitable accessory design for yourself. You can find everything from dainty earrings to classy Amethyst Bracelets on Sagacia Jewelry.  

Pair it with a suitable metal color option such as gold vermeil to shine bright in vintage appeal. The effect of a metal type primarily affects your jewelry’s outlook, and it's always better to choose something bright and bold for special occasions. 

Peridot Jewelry 

Favored by the name - The Evening Emerald, Peridot Jewelry is worth adding to your Diwali Jewelry list. You can gift it to a close one to help them sparkle brighter on their special occasion. The stone's green hues complement the traditional attires and bring a vibrant glamour. Flaunt a statement piece of Peridot Necklace as it accents the gleaming Diwali attires, no matter your choice. Right from Banarsi sarees, stylish lehengas, flowing Anarkali suits, or evening gowns, the delicate yet statement-making beauty of Peridot is sure to amp up your look aptly. 

You can pair these green-colored stones with any metal of your choice as the little golden hint in the crystal goes well with every shade and suits well with multiple skin shades. 

Garnet Jewelry  

If something bold and fiery is your plan for this Diwali, then you really don’t want to miss out on pretty Garnet Jewelry. The outgoing red tones of the stone are in themselves festival ready and speak loud for your personality. Even the simplest design of Garnet Earrings will instantly light up your face with a cheeky red glow, and you are all set to mesmerize everyone with an enchanting look. 

The best things about such intense-toned jewels are that you do not need to put any extra drama into your outfit; they are themselves capable of elevating your style in seconds.  

London Blue Topaz 

Carry a statement London Blue Topaz Ring to state a level of class and sophistication. Its oozing dark-blue tones speak for their unmatched brilliance and are perfect for something special such as Diwali. If you want to celebrate this festival by showing off the luxurious charm, you can count on London Blue Topaz Jewelry to bring you the same. With something such sparkly, you are guaranteed to leave the floor ablaze. 

Be the woman who doesn’t get befuddled and knows exactly what suits her diva personality and accentuates her jewels. Comprehend what’s best for you with the most excellent choices of Silver Gemstone Jewelry at Sagacia Jewelry and celebrate your festivals with commending adornments set. 

Post-Diwali Festivals 

We all know that Diwali is not just a single-day festival. The preparations and traditional cleaning and shopping practices start one month before the festival. Usually, the whole celebration lasts for at least 5 days, including post-Diwali occasions like Goverdhan Pooja, Bhaiya-Duj, and family get-togethers. So, of course, you can’t miss out on your chance to doll up on these festivities. 

Choose to go around elegant and simple n these days. You can choose soft-toned jewels such as Rose Quartz Jewelry to add a beautiful rosy glow to your face. This will sparkle your look with just the right amount of flair while keeping you naturally glamorous and event ready. It will keep the extra shimmer at bay and will help you slay at your best. 

You can also choose something exclusive and different such as Tanzanite Jewelry which will allow you to be the center of discussion at family gatherings. The classy and sophisticated elegance, rarity, and incredible brilliance all contribute generously to the stone's superiority. Also, the violet-blue shades of the gem are exclusive and can’t be spotted daily. The fact that it is actually rarer than diamonds will keep you in the limelight and your festivals more exciting. 

The Best Gemstone Jewelry Styles You Must Have for This Diwali 

It's the season to bring out your bling with the Best Gemstone Jewelry Styles and shine brighter than divas and fireworks. Keep up with the latest accessories trends this season, and keep the best blend on your side. 

Dazzling Earrings

A pair of dazzling earrings are one accessory that does not need any justification or presence of any other jewelry piece and can transform your look instantly. On Diwali as well, what you will mainly spot on others are Jhumkas and studs accented with ethnic wear. Gemstone Earrings give life to your dull look and add a finishing touch to your outfits which is why everyone loves them so much. Pick any gemstone of your favorite color and use it to spread around the bright glamour of your beauty. You can choose simple studs or danglers according to your outfit’s style and personality. 

If your attire is heavily studded or shiny, then we suggest you go easy with your jewels and pick a simple piece of earrings to accent it nicely with the dress. On the contrary, if you have chosen something subtle and elegant, you can add some glamour by flaunting your earlobe with long dazzlers or hoops. 

Graceful Necklaces 

Nothing can beat the aura of graceful Gemstone Necklaces on special occasions when you want the spotlight on yourself. Flaunt your neckline with absolute charm and the best blends of stunning gemstones with magnificent lights at every corner. You can choose something soothing as Swiss Blue Topaz Jewelry to radiate a different style and catch up on some significant attention from the onlookers. With everyone going all bright and bold, you can stand out by making a stunning move. 

Try something new and choose your bling for yourself to look your best while staying comfortable and confident at the same time.  

Swoon-Worthy Rings 

You do not have to deck up all nine and can maintain your vibe. Even a grandeur design of Gemstone Rings will help you to bring out the shine in you. We recommend you to choose a bold design but if your reference falls to the lightweight, elegant picks, stick to your guns. They often say that jewelry represents your individual personality and thus should be chosen to keep your vibe alive. 

You can pair beautiful Sterling Silver Rings with other gemstone jewelry to exude a different class level or carry them solo to make a statement. If your designs are simplistic and plain, you can also select stackable rings to add volume to your look. 

Even Birthstone Jewelry looks stunning in the form of a ring and reflects a piece of your individuality. Such little pieces of adornments are not restricted to carry on special occasions, but you can cherish them on a daily basis.  

Special Tips to Keep in Mind While Purchasing For Diwali 

Purchase For the Long Run 

Any Jewelry shopping should be done while keeping some important aspects and points in mind. Especially when you are purchasing for any special event, you need to remember that the jewels you wear are not just one-time wear; thus, they must be selected and purchased accordingly. Rather than going with the current trend flow and buying impulsively, stick around for the options that you can cherish in the long run. This way, you will not just be able to adore your precious jewelry and unique style on one occasion. But, also, you are free to flaunt your best self regularly and whenever you need it most. 

This will help you to make a well-informed investment that has good returns and serves you for a long time. Also, the bling of colorful gems will keep your life shining and radiating with unmatched glamour. 

Versatility is The Key

It's always an additional benefit when you choose versatile gems which can be pulled off on any attire. In addition, you can choose accessories like Opal Jewelry that bling in stunning radiating colors for such exotic style. Jewellery is a luxury purchase, and if you are careful about your purchasing decision, you can experience the true essence of your gleaming stones. 

Give your style and personality a unique blow and shuffle your jewelry with a stone choice that easily gets pulled off with multiple accessories and different attires. 

Try Something New and Fresh

Rather than going monotonous and routine-struck when choosing the perfect jewellery for yourself, try something new and fresh for your look. The festive season demands something unique that will add a different touch to your personality. Moreover, something unusual will attract a ton of attention to you, which is exactly what we are looking for during the festive season. 

Choosing Diwali Jewelry Gifts

Gifting sweets, dry fruits, chocolates, clothes, etc., is a common Diwali Tradition. Diwali gifts like these exist in our society for a long time now and the same monotonous procedure gets repeated. But, if you want to go an extra mile this year, you can choose Diwali Jewelry Gifts for your special ones to light up their faces with happiness. With the numerous variety available, choosing the perfect jewellery gift for Diwali might get a little exasperating to hunt. Thus, you need to be as quick as possible before the major shopping begins. 

Choosing Gemstone Jewelry as Diwali Gift might be an ideal fit because of the availability of wide number of options, styles, and colors to choose. With plush of colorful options, you can fill the life of your loved ones with absolute joy and love. 


Diwali is a festival which we all love for the numerous reasons, be it gifts, fire crackers, lights, or shopping and getting dolled up. Thus, we are adding a new reason to your list by introducing amazing gemstone jewelry options for this Diwali. Pick up something that matches well with your style and personality. You can find some of the amazing styles for yourself at Sagacia Jewelry finely curated with pure 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry. 

Also, you get the option to select your own metal color to manage the appeal of the stone such as 18kt gold vermeil, 18kt rose-gold vermeil, and pure 925 Sterling Silver. This helps you customize your jewelry in a way that suits your unique style and personality. Explore through the different varieties of jewelry such as Moonstone Jewelry, and other crystal jewelry to charm everyone with your radiance.