April Birthstone: History and Meaning of The Cubic Zirconia Birthstones

April is the month when winter ends and hot summers are about to begin. With summer coming in one of the biggest things is to maintain your look in the dazzling summer heat. With summers coming into action, it is quite a tedious task to choose proper Jewelry with your attire. In hot sizzling summers when everyone is fed up with increasing heat, wearing fashionable clothes is the only way out. And with those fashionable clothes, it is important to wear complimentary jewelry with them. And in today's fashionable generation it is important to maintain the pace with society or you can be at a risk of looking outdated.

So today we are going to know about one such amazing Gemstone Jewelry i.e Cubic Zirconia. Cubic Zirconia is the birthstone for April, so let's get to know complete information about it here.

Cubic Zirconia: April Birthstone Jewelry 

People who are born in April have the zodiac sign of Aries (March 21 to April 20) and Taurus (April 21 to May 20). The people of Aries are very competitive and full of fire. They are bold and ambitious toward their goals in life. Full of determination and dedication they are focused on their achievements. Aries are supposed to be one of the strongest and for people born in April, the birthstone assigned to them is a Diamond. However, Diamond is costly so Birthstone Jewelry for April is Cubic Zirconia.

But wait, first of all, let's know What is a Birthstone jewellery!

What is Birthstone Jewelry?

Birthstone Jewelry is an astrological gemstone assigned to a specific Zodiac sign. These zodiac signs are decided based on the positions of different planets at the time of your birth. These planetary forces are supposed to have huge impacts on the character of a person. Their strengths, weaknesses, personalities everything is dependent on them. So that's why to overcome these weaknesses these gemstones which are naturally mined are recommended to people. By wearing this Birthstone Jewelry they can have better luck and fate. Also, these birthstones are supposed to have a high impact on the life and character of a person. It gives them confidence and a better personality.

So that's why by wearing your Birthstone Jewelry you can have so many benefits for yourself.

So, let's get to know about the benefits of Cubic Zirconia now!

What is Cubic Zirconia?

Cubic Zirconia is one of the cheapest alternatives for Diamonds. Diamond is one of the costliest pieces of jewelry which is not affordable for everyone. So that's why Cubic Zirconia which looks similar to Diamond is one of the best alternatives for Diamonds. Cubic Zirconia has a completely different chemical composition than Diamond and also has dissimilar dispersion properties but due to good similar appearance, it turns out to be a good option. It is generally 5-6 Carat and that's why it is very cheap and affordable. As gemstone jewelry, it has always got huge demand in the market. Cubic Zirconia satisfies a huge part of society and completes their wish of wearing shining Gemstone Jewelry. That's why Cubic Zirconia is a very prominent Gemstone Jewelry in the market. It is produced by a series of chemical reactions and comes in good amounts that's why it is never very costly. So from a Market point of view, it is one of the most selling affordable Gemstone Jewelry.

Benefits of Cubic Zirconia:

Remember that Cubic Zirconia is a man-made gemstone and isn't naturally mined so it is not a mineral. So Cubic Zirconia is overall an artificial man-made gemstone that looks very pretty and adorable. So astrologically it may not have any significant importance and significance but it has other additional benefits like:

Cheap and Affordable - Cubic Zirconia Jewelry like Cubic Zirconia Necklace and Cubic Zirconia Bracelets are not very cheap and that's why they can easily be affordable. Otherwise, a real diamond necklace can only be afforded by certain people in high-class society. So that's why its effective cost and affordability is its biggest advantage.
Looks Mesmerizing - Even though it's not a real diamond, Cubic Zirconia is a very delightful gemstone piece of jewelry. It looks so amazing and gives a very glamorous look. Especially for women who are fond of wearing shining jewelry on special occasions, this Cubic Zirconia can be a very good pick.
Safer and Durable - Based on their low price, Cubic Zirconia gives a good amount of lifetime. It is durable enough to recover the amount invested in it. Also, because it's not so costly, you don't need to worry much about it. It is a safer option and has less risk than Diamond Jewelry.

Now after knowing everything about Cubic Zirconia and its benefits, let's get to know about some stunning collections of Cubic Zirconia Jewellery!

Stunning Collections of Cubic Zirconia Jewelry 

Cubic Zirconia Necklace - Let's start with the most favorite choice of Women i.e Necklaces. Women are always in love with beautiful designer Necklaces that are studded with beautiful gemstones. These Gemstone Necklaces can make any woman go crazy for them irrespective of their age group. From teenagers to working women everyone likes to wear shining Sterling silver Jewelry. Cubic Zirconia which gives almost a similar look to a Diamond Necklace is a very astonishing pick these days. It's really hard to point out the difference between the two. It's high-shining character makes it almost impossible to identify the real one. So that's why people prefer wearing these Cubic Zirconia Necklaces on their special occasions without troubling their pockets much.

Cubic Zirconia Earrings - Earrings are becoming the latest trend these days and its very cute Jewelry to go for. Earrings are very much comfortable for daily wear and also on traditional occasions they act as the cherry on top. Made from 925 Sterling silver Jewelry these do a very decent job of giving the perfect look to the girl. Shining Sterling silver Earrings in combination with Glamorous Cubic Zirconia a perfect match for each other and has got no competition.

Cubic Zirconia Bracelets - Gemstone studded bracelets are also trending a lot in the market these days. Made out of fragments of Sterling silver and then crafted together with Gemstones embedded in them, these Bracelets give a mesmerizing look. These attract everyone's attention towards you and make you the center of attraction. It can make you look so memorable and adorable that you can't imagine it. This Shining Silver Cubic Zirconia is also a very lightweight and comfortable option for Jewelry. So, it is easy to carry and also gives an impeccable impression of yours.

Cubic Zirconia Rings - These Cubic Zirconia Rings are one of the top most selling Cubic Zirconia Jewelry of all time. Getting dedemand from both men's and women's sections has made it a very good position in the market. These rings look highly impressive and also give high similarity to that of a diamond ring. Cubic Zirconia rings give a good high class and elegance which in turn increases your confidence and brings some other level of charm into your personality. So that's why Cubic Zirconia in one form or another plays different roles and fits itself into your lives.

So, this was all about Cubic Zirconia, its benefits, and its stunning collections of Jewelry. But remember whenever it is about buying good Gemstone Jewelry for yourself, make sure of these three things:

  • Get the Perfect Design - Make sure that you choose the best design of Jewelry for yourself. Today there are hundreds of options in the market. From professional jewelry to persona, for daily usage to occasional use, there are hundreds of varieties and options for you. So, choose wisely.
  • Authentic and Genuine Seller - In the case of Jewelry never be in any kind of hurry, always double-check from wherever you're buying. Make sure that they are authentic sellers of Gemstone Jewelry and use standard Sterling silver in the making. So always buy the original product.
  • Be sure of the Price - Trust is the one thing that is very rare these days. Make sure that you're not paying anything extra. The seller should not be using you as their profit source and should sell you Genuine and good quality gemstone jewelry.

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