Intricate Guide for February Birthstone Amethyst

New Year is the beginning of setting new resolutions, goals, and objectives. The first months of the year, January and February, mark the arrival of the winter season with chill stormy vibes. Pamper yourself or surprise close ones by investing in precious and appealing Gemstone Jewelry.

Ornaments are the most prized possession for people, and apart from the alluring looks, gems have unique healing qualities. So, get ready to enhance your look for the new year, and if you are February born, or it's your anniversary month, don't forget to invest in a purple color Amethyst gemstone.

There is a specific gemstone per the zodiac sign for every birth month, also popularly called the Birthstone. So it is exciting for all February babies to explore and learn about the birthstone Amethyst in detail. This blog will give you insightful knowledge about meaning, history, cost, physical properties, healing benefits, and much more about the Amethyst February Birthstone.

Significance of Amethyst - February Birthstone

The word Amethyst attained its origin from the word ''ametusthos,'' meaning not intoxicated. According to Greek legend, the purple gem has a link with the God of Wine, Bacchus. 

A royal Amethyst is the most stunning Quartz crystal in the world. It's the second most excellent crystal in the world, and one can spot it in many colors. 

Purple color Amethyst is a famous new-age gem due to its captivating colors, longevity, and affordability. It occurs in many purple hues ranging from light lavender to light violet to dark purple.

It can display one or both secondary shades, red and blue. One can find Amethyst Purple Wonder from the corners of Siberia to the sultry rainforest of Brazil; its crystals and geodes one can find globally.

Ancient Details About Tempting Amethyst

Evidence of Amethyst has been satisfactory as far back as 25,000 years, as early as 2000 BC. Throughout history, the stone has links with many myths, legends, religions, and varied cultures. For example, old-age Egyptians sent their dead into the afterlife with a protective gem to show them the right path. 

Ancient Greeks and Romans had a belief that using Amethyst gemstones would save them from alcohol addiction. Likewise, old-age Chinese utilized it as a powerful tool to eliminate negative energies and take over the threats of daily routine life. 

The Tibetan Buddhists associated purple stone with the nature of Buddha. Renaissance Europeans had a conviction the Amethyst gem kept its owner clear in terms of thoughts and remained witty on the battlefield and in business affairs. 

Amethyst is also considered the stone of Saint Valentine. He used to wear the purple gem carved with the figure of cupid. People are aware of the fact that Valentine’s Day is in February. 

Price of Purple Gemstone 

Amethyst gemstone was reserved earlier for the royal families, ones who wished to own magical powers, and religious heads of the highest classes. At present, at high grades, the price of Amethyst is economical.

The cost range of purple gem varies from 20$ to 30$ per carat. Precisely genuine pieces of this gemstone differ from 40$ or 50 $ per carat.

Alluring February Birthstone Amethyst 

Western astrological science appoints Amethyst to Pisces' zodiac sign and is acknowledged as the February Birthstone, making it a good stone for the people born this month. Therefore, as a February baby, you should seek to wear the dazzling and mesmerizing Amethyst Birthstone Jewelry of your choice. 

Apart from its mesmerizing beauty, this semi-precious gemstone owns a few exclusive heavenly powers and healing qualities. Natural Amethyst can help you with personal, professional, and health front. Henceforth, it's famous as a terrific healing crystal.

Zones To Find Purple Beauty

Amethyst is an immensely popular gemstone, and one can find it on all continents. This gem you can find abundantly in countries like South America, North America, and Africa. 

Brazil is one of the world's top producer countries, with an annual production capacity of 2 to 3 thousand tons, guided by Zambia manufacturing about one thousand tons in a year. In addition, many European, Asian, and South American countries make and mine Amethyst stones. 

Metaphorical Meaning of The Amethyst Gem

Original or genuine Amethyst stones align with the third eye and crown Chakra. The purple color to the reddish-purple shades of Amethyst has long been a symbol of serenity, cleansing, and soothing energy.

The February birthstone depicts sanctification and connection with spiritual and holy beings. The meaning of this gemstone relates to peace, understanding, honesty, and grace. Many cultures have linked the spiritual overtones of this gemstone.

Healing Properties of Glowing Purple Gemstone

As per conviction, Amethyst has several healing qualities that safeguard its wearer from negative energies. In addition, the calming qualities of this gemstone enable it to produce relaxing dreams by ensuring that you tune in with the divine.

Amethyst also welcomes clearness and peacefulness to the mind. They help the mind be set free in metaphysical and mental proportions.

In old-age times, people thought that purple gemstones could cleanse the body of all toxins. Ancient Greeks believed it shielded them from drunkenness and helped them have a balanced mindset. 

The purple color of the Amethyst is a natural tranquilizer. As per the claims, it dispels outrage, grief, and disbanding negativity. In addition, this gemstone's color gets associated with activating spiritual awareness, welcoming intuitive energies, and improving psychic abilities.

Spiritual Effects of Amethyst Gemstone 

Amethyst has a high position regarding spiritual circles. It can prevent evil thoughts, provoke wisdom and increase intelligence through a tremendous sense of understanding. Amethyst helps you to implement your intellectual powers in challenging circumstances and think more unquestionably to make better choices.

Purple gemstone, according to thought, owns fantastic, incredible, positive effects of creativity and creative powers by enhancing intuition. It empowers its owners to embrace new ideas and implement their thoughts into action. 

February Birthstone is Gemstone or Crystal- Know The Difference

The difference between gemstone and crystal is that a stone comprises solid, non-metallic mineral matter. Crystals include ions, atoms, and molecules arranged in repetitive patterns that make them tangible.

Amethyst belongs to the mineral Quartz mineral group. It's divided as a semi-precious gemstone but can also come in crystal formation. On the other hand, purple gemstone mainly forms as a crystal lining with basalt rock. 

Amethyst Gorgeous 6th Wedding Anniversary Gem

Traditionally, almost all wedding anniversaries relate to metaphoric materials that carry a deeper meaning. Amethyst crystals are the gem for the 6th wedding anniversary. 

They offer the couple a relaxing, relaxed energy as they arrive in the next year of their marriage. For around 2000 years, Amethyst gets prized for its qualities and beauty. The beautiful gem always makes a statement, whether in the form of Amethyst Jewelry or showcased as a raw polished section of stone. 

Multiple Applications of Purple Gemstone 

One can keep a small size Amethyst gem in the purse or pocket. They also get styled in accessories such as rings, necklaces, and bracelets. 

One can also keep the Amethyst crystal at home. Many medicine practitioners can also use purple stones and other crystals in healing by keeping them around the body. Amethyst also gets held on the body parts linked with various Chakras or energy paths. 

Wearing a glossy and tantalizing Amethyst Ring will help you to meditate as the gemstone shows positive effects when it comes in contact with the skin. 

Suggestions To Clean Amethyst Properly

Amethyst is a comparatively hard gemstone, so it gets cleaned with warm soapy water and a soft cloth or brush. Make sure to clean the lower or bottom side of the stone, as dirt tangled on the underside will stop some light from entering the gem and may make it look more pale than usual. 

Make sure to use harsh household cleaners on Amethyst. Cleaning Amethyst Necklace is simple, and one can always purchase specialist jewelry cleaning cloths to assist. 

Ideal Ways to Care for Purple Gemstone

One should keep the Amethyst away from hard gemstones; otherwise, they can lead to scratches. Make sure to place it away from the excess heat source, too, as it can permanently damage the color of the gemstone. 

Make sure to put Amethyst ornaments away when you are not wearing them. Never wear the pieces when you are not, and never style them while doing household work or gardening. Caring for Amethyst Earrings will keep them in pristine condition for many years.


In this blog, we can get detailed information about the highly gorgeous and glossy February birthstone Amethyst in detail. It helped folks to get details about meaning, history, cost, healing properties, places of mining, and tips to clean and care for February birthstone.

Birthstones have emerged as a prominent choice of jewelry due to their enticing looks and astrological importance. To ensure that, as per the zodiac sign, complexities get reduced, and people get tactful enough to tackle them to balance their personal, social and professional life.

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