September Birthstone: Properties, Benefits & Meaning of Having it for Your Close Ones

September marks the end of the rainy season and the beginning of the cool season. So it is a perfect time for getaways and trips. And if you are born in such a magnificent month which brings a sense of freshness and hope, you are already lucky enough. But it's not just the weather and climate conditions that are tempting enough, but you also get to choose Lapis Lazuli as your September Birthstone.

You might have come across sapphire as your birthstone, which is quite common. But just in case you are looking for something unique and different for yourself this season, then you will love the swoon-worthy properties of Lapis Lazuli Jewelry. The Alternate September Birthstone looks stunningly beautiful with its striking blue color along with golden-hued flecks or white swirls on its surface. So soak in the vibrant energy of blue-toned Lapis Lazuli as your birthstone and get the exceptional benefits after including the gem in the collection. Please read on the blog to know more about the September Birthstone Properties, benefits, and meaning of having it for your close ones.

Why is Lapis Lazuli A Perfect Alternative September Birthstone?

The reason behind choosing Lapis Lazuli as your Alternative September Birthstone lies in its ancient story and significance. Most researchers agree that sapphire was not known before the Roman Empire. Thus the stone mentioned as sapphire in the old testament refers to the Lapis Lazuli and not to the stone we call sapphire today. Furthermore, until the middle ages, people described the gem as blue speckled with gold which traces back to our Lapis Lazuli stone. So, according to the historical perspective, it is a much better choice for anyone looking for theological accuracy and also comes at an affordable price.

Lapis Lazuli Properties 

Lapis Lazuli is a beautiful opaque gemstone with celestial blue shades and golden flecks over its surface which looks absolutely stunning. Often compared with the night sky for its exceptional features, every piece is unique to make one-of-a-kind jewelry. It is not a gem in exact, although it is generally treated as one. It is actually a rock made of Lazurite along with a combination of Pyrite, Diopsite, and Calcite minerals. With such intriguing features, Lapis Lazuli Properties are worth treasuring in the form of a Birthstone.

Lapis Lazuli Meaning 

Lapis Lazuli Meaning derives from the Latin word “Lapis,” which means stone, and from the Persian word “Lazhward,” which means blue. The semi-precious stone has remained popular over the centuries because of its mystical appearance and compelling energy. People use it for healing in numerous ways and believe that it has a deeper meaning and purpose. The bright energy of the blue color signifies royalty, calmness, and empowerment. The spiritual meaning of the stone includes revealing the truth in front of its wearer. Its protective energies are sure to aid you in making important life decisions and thus hold a special meaning in the life of those seeking better decision-making.

People in ancient times used the charismatic blue color of the stone in paints. But since it was pretty costly, People restricted the usage of Lapis Lazuli to the royals such as kings or queens and other privileged members of the society. As a result, the stone was prized with the tag of one of the oldest opaque gemstones in history. It ages somewhere around 6,500 years and holds its own charm and charisma.

Lapis Lazuli Benefits and Healing Properties

People wear the gem in the form of Birthstone Jewelry to obtain its Benefits and Healing Properties. Lapis Lazuli Benefits include protecting its wearer from psychic attacks, bringing peace and calmness, promoting a sense of harmony, and facilitating honesty, compassion, self-awareness, and self-expression. Because of such marvelous benefits, it is also famous by the name of “The Wisdom Stone.”

Lapis Lazuli Healing Properties can benefit you astoundingly when you are owning the stone in the form of a Lapis Lazuli Birthstone Jewelry. It can help you improve your immune system and soothe inflammation. It also aids in treating insomnia, depression, anxiety, and other such disorders. It is excellent for those working for their hands on the creative side. You can use its powers to improve your problem-solving capacity, create new ideas, enhance your intellectual ability and sharpen your memory.

Lapis Lazuli Metaphysical Properties are sure to enlighten you with its unique properties. Encourage and improve self-awareness, self-confidence, knowledge, and compassion by getting a hold of a beautiful Lapis Lazuli ring or any other similar accessory. By activating your throat chakra, the stone is an expert in curing multiple throat-related issues such as thyroid. It is a treasure for all those seeking aid for sore throats, respiratory problems, and other vocal issues.

Lapis Lazuli Emotional Healing is not just restricted to solving the existing inner issues but also sets new parameters that force you to rise above your current self. Washing out negativity from your body, it strengthens your mind to influence your body to be active towards work, career, and life. While connecting your mind and body to work together simultaneously, the gem helps you to make decisions effectively and work at your best level.

Wearing Lapis Lazuli

The benefits of Wearing Lapis Lazuli can easily be traced to astrological and fashionable senses. The gem set in pure 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry is quite famous in the world of jewelry fashion. The crystal's deep blue color and beautiful golden flecks on the gem’s surface give a sense of stars on a dark night. Its unique features can never allow any two jewelry pieces to be alike. So, you can cherish your one-of-a-kind jewelry piece with confidence and attract tons of attention. You can style your outfits in a sophisticated yet chic way with a gem having such distinct properties.

Carry it along with your formal wear or accent it with your special occasion outfits; the rock will surely make you stand in the spotlight with its explicit charm.

From an astrological perspective, the best way to adopt the gem is in the form of a Lapis Lazuli Ring so that its powerful energies get absorbed inside your body. Wearing Lapis Lazuli regularly can boost your intuition by attracting a significant amount of energy to your body. You can also choose Lapis Lazuli Necklace to keep the gem close to your heart and throat, directly allowing its healing vibrations to enter your body. Thus, it is your best friend when it comes to benefiting you from all aspects.

Lapis Lazuli and Other Gemstone Jewelry

You can combine your Lapis Lazuli Jewelry with other Gemstone Jewelry to increase the overall appeal of the stone or to enhance the powerful energy exhibited by both the crystals. You can pair the vibrations of other gemstones that complement the power of Lapis Lazuli. The gem is quite versatile in itself, allowing it to get paired with other jewels. You can confidently mix it with stones like Amethyst, Opal, and Moonstone. The energies of the fore-mentioned stones accent well with that of Lapis Lazuli and provide you the best of experience. The combinations are especially worthy when you want to deepen your intuitions and awareness and intensify your energy.

Opals work out best with Lapis Lazuli when it comes to strengthening the stone's power. It helps you manifest your desires by making other people note your hard work and dedication, thus bringing you success in both business and financial aspects.

How Lapis Lazuli Affects your Chakra

Often, people check for the crystals that affect their chakra as effectively as possible. Thus, before getting your hands all over the gem, it is essential for you that you have taken your note of how Lapis Lazuli affects your chakra. The gemstone is associated with the Third-eye chakra, which affects your mind’s consciousness and provides you a clear outlook for a better decision-making. By clearing any blockages affecting your visions, the crystal helps you facilitate inner wisdom, intuition, clear insight, and self-consciousness. Get a perspective on both the outer and inner world and rise above your basic self with the help of our blue beauty. When the stone awakens your third-eye chakra, it enhances your psychic powers and opens up the ability to see further.

Apart from that, the gem also affects your Throat Chakra, enabling you to communicate effectively and get appropriately understood. Expose your feelings in a better way and convey your thoughts confidently. Wearing the stone encourages you to speak with a clear mind and helps you ascend your personality so that you elevate a level above your present self.

Lapis Lazuli Birthstone and Zodiac Sign

Lapis Lazuli is an Alternative September Birthstone. Since the crystal tends to bring peace, honor, power, vision, and royalty to the September-born babies, you can choose Lapis Lazuli Birthstone for yourself or gift it to someone close. It is also the planetary stone for Libra and Capricorn zodiac signs and helps them to achieve more in life. It protects them from evil thoughts by clearing their minds and promoting inner truth. Libras born this month are great lovers and effectively maintain their social relationships.

Thus, wearing Lapis Lazuli Birthstone Jewelry by such people will only enhance their relationships with other people. On the other side, Capricorns tend to be more restrictive on their part, and thus, wearing Lapis Lazuli Ring or any other accessory by such people will keep them engaged in their social side.

Protecting Lapis Lazuli Jewelry

Lapis Lazuli is a porous and relatively softer stone, making it quite delicate. Thus, it would be best if you took proper care of your jewelry so that it can stay intact with you for a longer period. Try these hacks for protecting your Lapis Lazuli Jewelry to keep it with you for a long time.

  • Store your gem separately from other hard stones so that it is not scratched on the surface.
  • Ensure that you remove your jewelry before doing any physical activity such as exercising, swimming, participating in sports, etc. All these can put unnecessary pressure on your stone and may cause it to break.
  • Cover your stone in a soft cloth before putting it in your jewelry box to avoid its contact with other foreign elements.
  • Store your gem in a cool and dry place since it is a porous stone. Prolonged contact with water can damage your crystal permanently.
  • Avoid any contact with hot or warm temperatures as it may react with your jewelry and lead to permanent color damage.
  • Do not go to sleep wearing your Lapis Lazuli Jewelry.
  • Prevent any contact with other chemicals as they might be hazardous for the stone.

How To Clean Lapis Lazuli Jewelry

To ensure that you receive powerful vibrations from your stone, you must clean it timely. Cleaning your Gemstone Jewelry will ensure that you have removed all the dirt and negative energies absorbed from your gem. Similarly, the powers of your Lapis Lazuli Jewelry will remain active only till you take good care of it. Thus, please read on the blog to learn about how to clean Lapis Lazuli Jewelry so that it keeps shining on you.

  • Use running cold water to clean off the dirt acquired by your jewelry. Please do not leave your gem for too long in water as it may get damaged with time.
  • Wipe off the water using a soft dry cloth and ensure proper moisture removal from its surface to maintain the shine of the stone.
  • Do not use any jewelry cleaner with acid ingredients that may affect the stone’s appearance and result in permanent color damage.
  • Avoid using any hard tools to clean the stone; rather, use a soft brush to remove any grime and other dirt particles accumulated at the corner of the stone.

How To Activate Your Lapis Lazuli

Once you are done cleaning your gem, you must activate your crystal’s energy and power by charging it. Here are a few methods you can use if you are unsure how to activate your Lapis Lazuli.

Read the Tips To Activate Your Gemstone Jewelry.

Charge your gem by gently placing it under the moonlight and let the moon's energies get absorbed inside the crystal. Then, simply keep it on a window edge where the moonlight falls overnight. Ensure you do not leave your jewel out in the open for a long time.

Another method that you can try is rubbing the accessory between your palms. The heat produced from your body helps in recharging the crystal.

Meditate with Lapis Lazuli with the intention and focus on what you want to achieve. Think about what you want from the stone and accordingly activate it with new powerful vibrations.

Concentrate and feel the negative energies coming out both from the crystal and your body. This will help you in removing all the negative vibrations stored and create a new space for the positive energies to get restored.

Place it under your bed overnight, wrapped up in a soft cloth, and program the stone to bring out the positive energies.

Where to Purchase Your Lapis Lazuli Jewelry?

Once you get all the information about the crystal you want for yourself, the next question that arises is where to purchase your jewelry. It is always better to buy your jewelry from a trusted brand that can provide you with an array of designs and quality accessories.

A trusted source ensures the quality of the crystal included in your jewelry and reduces the risk of being end up with a fake stone. Apart from that, you can quickly get essential information when purchasing from a brand that has been persisting in the market for a long time. Information such as whether the stone is treated in any way, where it comes from, its benefits, meaning, etc., can only be accumulated through a significant brand. Also they will provide you with multiple fashion jewelry designs which are upgraded with the current trends and helps you shine like a diva.

The answer to the question of where to purchase Lapis Lazuli Jewelry lies in one such brand, Sagacia Jewelry, which offers you multiple choices in Sterling Silver Gemstone Jewelry curated with pure 925 sterling silver. If you are also intrigued by the beauty of mesmerizing September Birthstone Lapis Lazuli, then explore the magnificent collection of Lapis Lazuli at Sagacia Jewelry. All the designs crafted at Sagacia are pretty unique and classy, which also allows you to carry the accessories confidently on multiple occasions.

Also, you get to choose from multiple metal colors so that your accessory best fits your personality. You can select from 925 Sterling Silver, 18kt Gold vermeil, and 18kt Rose-gold vermeil according to your preference. This means that there is something for everyone. So, why to wait any longer? Get a piece of accessory that resonates with your style and accents your aura. Get shopping now.