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Tourmaline Jewelry

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Tourmaline Jewelry

Nothing’s compared to the alluring shine of a blue-colored gemstone. And when you can flaunt them at a price that befriends your pocket, why not!? Tourmaline Jewelry is the answer to your styling needs. Its intense blue tones will help you accent it with most of the outfits easily without having to think much about matching it up every time you wear it. At Sagacia, we bring you some of the most intriguing designs because you deserve a timeless love. And nothing spells classier other than a dark-toned blue Gemstone Jewelry. So if you have been looking for something as elegant as Tourmaline, you can find some of the best designs at Sagacia Jewelry. 

From the delicate selection to the most intricate designs, you can find something that suits your style. The collection is inspired by the everlasting mysticism and romance of dark-toned jewels. However, our styles depict more than just style; what it says goes way beyond. Each piece is a proclamation of your strong beliefs that you love to flaunt daily. 

Tourmaline Gemstone ranges around 7-7.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, making it durable enough to resist everyday wear scratches. In addition, you can set it in the metal color of your choice to manage its appeal. For example, Sagacia offers you a variety of metal options such as 18kt gold vermeil, 18kt rose-gold vermeil, and 925 pure sterling silver to choose from so that you can carry your accessory the way you like. 

In the case of blue-colored tourmaline, it looks absolutely classic when set in 18kt gold vermeil. The gold tones of the metal add a vintage look to the jewelry pieces and are the most appropriate choice when you decide to wear the accessory occasionally. However, we suggest you go for 925 Sterling Silver for daily wear. It's subtle and strong to bear scratches from everyday chores. 

Styles to Steal at Sagacia Jewelry 

If you like to go simple and classy with your style, we have gone ahead and made the Sterling Silver Jewellery for exquisite. For the sophisticated designs that state “beauty lies in simplicity,” you can unearth your favorite pick from collections such as GLORY, BRILLIANCE, LUA, etc.  

If showing the pretty shine in a grandeur way your style, you must love statement jewelry for yourself. For a statement appeal, you can choose from bold accessories with large stone sizes and explore the collections like SONDER, MELLOW, OPULENCE, etc. Who can ignore the oomph and glamour of jewelry that speaks out for your personality? Get the spotlight-attention on you with some of the 

Your love must be ever-shining, and so should be your engagement rings. You can choose Tourmaline Ring for your special proposal with a flawless blue allure. Let the world know the lasting power of your love with a dazzling piece of ring. You can also state your evening gowns with our unique Tourmaline Earrings collection that reflects a cocktail vibe in them. Can’t decide on a Perfect Gift for Someone Special? Surprise them with a stunning Tourmaline Necklace and watch how it blows away their mind. Then, pick a sparkler of your choice from this beautiful assortment and brace yourself for compliments. 

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