Describe The Beauty of October Birthstones Describe The Beauty of October Birthstones

October is a month in which nature takes a new turn. The season after summer and before winter spreads its beauty on the earth in different mesmerizing hues of orange, yellow, and gold to prepare everyone for fresh beginnings. Likewise, nature has gifted humankind a precious gift other than the beauty of changing seasons: that is the colorful gemstones, which can mesmerize anyone from their alluring look and shining surface. So in this blog, we will discuss about two brilliant gemstones that are celebrated as the traditional October Birthstone: Opal and Tourmaline. So, have a look.

What are Birthstones?

What are birthstones? What are birthstones?

Some questions may arise in your mind regarding gemstones, like what are the birthstones, and how can they benefit us? Does gemstone carry the superpowers? Does the birthstone work according to our birth month, zodiac sign, etc.? So, for removing your confusion, I have listed some facts about special two gemstones that will help you to know these crystals deeply.

Gemstones carry several natural powers that can bring good luck, prosperity, and positive results in the wearer's life. So, they can transform their lives if they hold these crystals according to birth month and zodiac symbol. In Vedic astrology, twelve gemstones are described that represent each month from January to December. So, here we will learn about two of the most gemstones, Opal and Tourmaline, in detail. Let's get started.

The Opal Birthstone

Let's start with the first gemstone of October month, the Opal. Opal is an appealing gem carrying thousands of iridescent colors, including red, blue, orange, white, green, and yellow; therefore, the gem is also known as the stone of the "play of color." Moreover, It was only the gemstone as of October Birthstone until the American Gem Society inducted Tourmaline as an alternative in 1952.

History and Meaning of Opal

History and Meaning of Opal History and Meaning of Opal

Opal has a great history and lore, as per gem veterans. Many believe the Opal gem is a mixture of volcanoes, galaxies, and fireworks, whereas some believe Opal had been given as a gift directly from deities to our ancestors, but facts are still unclear. The term Opal is taken from the Sanskrit word Upala, meaning a "precious stone," and the Greek word Opallios, meaning "to see a change in color."

As per the research and facts of the American gem society, during 75 AD, the Roman Scholar Pliny compared opals to vibrate paintings and volcanoes, noting that their attributes of changing colors could replicate shades of any gemstone.

Many cultures had their own fable and folklore about the Opal gemstone and its supernatural powers. For example, people of the Arabian region say the Opal has fallen from heaven to spread lightning in our lives. The Europeans believed that Opal symbolized truth, love, and hope. At the same time, the Greeks acknowledged the gem as a gift from their deities to guard them against severe diseases and hostile powers.

Geographical Properties Of The Opal

Geographical Properties Of The Opal Geographical Properties Of The Opal

When it comes to finding the best quality of Opals, then Australia keeps the first position. However, there are also some other places where you can find stunning opals, including Ethiopia, Brazil, and Mexico. Each origin of gemstone has its own specie and variety. 

As mentioned above, the Opal gem has been founded in many colors, depending upon its mining location and chemical factors. Opal is a hydrated silicate mineral, ranging in water content from 3 to 21 % by weight. On the other hand, the crystal is deposited at low temperatures and found in limonite, basalt, and sandstone rocks.

The Opal gem rates from 5 to 6.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness, making it a suitable gem for jewelry creation. But it requires much caring while used as jewelry accessories to prevent scratches and damage.

Healing Treats With The Opal Gemstone

Like the other gemstones, Opal is one of the most delicate crystals in healing treatments, as it carries ambrosial powers. Being an official birthstone for October-born people, it provides them endless healing and metaphysical advantages physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Here are some benefits of the Opal gemstone that one can get by wearing the Opal gemstone jewelry

Physical Healing

  • Opal reduces the infection and fever
  • It soothes eyes and skin cells in the human body

Opal is one of the most extraordinary healing stones that flushes its wearer on physical healing terms. Wearing Opal Jewelry will help its users improve their immune and respiratory systems. In addition, it balances various hormones in the human body, especially for females, and provides relief during pregnancy and childbirth.

Emotional Healing

  • Enhances hopes and will powers
  • Reduces depression and overthinking

Opal is deemed a supportive stone for emotional healing, as the gem contains various powers to eliminate depression, exhaustion, and overthinking issues. It encourages its holder to think creatively in their lives and achieve their targeted goals. Moreover, the Opal symbolizes enhancing the willpower and positive attitude of the wearer as well.

Spiritual Healing

  • Activates all the Chakras 
  • Enhances self-awareness

The Opal works well for activating the chakra in the human body. Therefore, exercising with the Opal gemstone during the mediating activities will help them to touch a higher level of spirituality.

Wearing the gem in jewelry keeps its users calm and peaceful in their challenging life situations and helps them reduce fear and anger. Further, it awakens the inner capabilities and wisdom of whoever holds the beautiful gem appropriately. 

How To Use Opal Gemstone

How To Use Opal Gemstone How To Use Opal Gemstone

After knowing the facts and figures about the October Birthstone Opal deeply, it becomes necessary to understand how one can adequately use the Opal to acquire incredible gemstone benefits.

Wearing Opal jewelry is the best way to attain the endless benefits of Opal gemstone. When jewelry's components directly touch its users' skin, its vibrational rays transfer to their bodies where needed. You have multiple types of options to carry Opal jewelry, including Opal Ring, pendants, Opal Bracelets, and earrings. Keeping the Opal close to your body creates a protective aura that guards you against negative energy and negative people.

How To Cleanse and Charge The Opal Gemstone

How To Cleanse and Charge The Opal Gemstone How To Cleanse and Charge The Opal Gemstone

Cleaning and charging your Opal is a must if you are fond of wearing gemstone jewelry components regularly. It will help you re-energize your crystal again and attain its shimmering luster. Here are some tips; you will learn how you can charge and clean your Opal gemstone. Let's have a look.

  • Put your crystal under the full Moon - It is the easiest way to charge your Opal gemstone, as the full Moon is a powerful point during the lunar cycle. Place your Opal jewelry under the Moonlight overnight to fill the gem with positive and cooling energies like the Moon.
  • Use mild detergent with warm water - When it comes to washing your gemstone, always use mild detergent and warm water for washing it. Being a fragile gemstone, it might be damaged by harmful acids and hard detergents. 
  • Wipe it off from a soft cotton cloth - Last but not least, after washing the gem, always wipe it from soft cotton cloth to prevent it from getting scratched and damaged.

How to Store Your Opal Gemstone

How to Store Your Opal Gemstone How to Store Your Opal Gemstone

Taking precautionary steps is a must to provide durability to your gemstone jewelry. As some gems are brittle from their hardness perspectives, other harder gemstones like Aquamarine or Blue Topaz can harm your Opal gemstone if you have stored them together. So, make sure you store the harder and soft gems separately.

Moreover, you should avoid storing your crystal jewelry in a moisturized place; putting them in such an area can moisturize your gem since Opal has an absorbing nature.

Moreover, you should restrain yourself from storing your jewel accessory with your other beauty products like sunscreens, perfumes, and other products containing any chemical ingredients. It can ruin the gem's shining surface and can make your crystal dull or dim. 

Gifting Ideas of Opal Birthstone

Gifting Ideas of Opal Birthstone Gifting Ideas of Opal Birthstone

Gifting the Opal jewelry to your special one is an ideal choice if they are an October-born person. For example, earrings, pendants, and necklaces are your best options. So you can choose the chic pairs of Opal Earrings which are trending right now in markets. As statement earrings can be worn at any party and function to get an eye-catching look.

Since Opal is also deemed the stone of the 14th anniversary, choosing the Opal Pendant in sterling silver can be the perfect pick for couples on their fourteenth wedding anniversary. It will help couples to come close to each other, as the Opal symbolizes love, affection, and feelings.

Thus, we have taken a detailed view about the Opal gemstone that is famous as an official birthstone for October, but if the gem is not per your style, don't worry; we have another gemstone that is also celebrated as October-Birthstone: Tourmaline.

The Tourmaline Birthstone

The Tourmaline Birthstone The Tourmaline Birthstone

Tourmaline is the second October birthstone, embedding many healing and metaphysical attributes. It also has many shades like the Opal, including orange, yellow, magenta, blue, pink, and many more, which makes it a more popular and luring gem for gem enthusiasts.

Tourmaline belongs to the crystalline silicate mineral family, formed from cavities and fractures during hydrothermal activity. The crystal is a hard and tenacious mineral and is found in the metamorphic rocks of Afghanistan, Mozambique, Tanzania, and the United States.

Tourmaline History and Meaning

Tourmaline History and Meaning Tourmaline History and Meaning

For centuries, the Tourmaline has probably been serving humankind through its ambrosial powers and enthralling existence. Tourmaline is believed to be a stone of balancing life, a stone that fosters compassion and attracts good fortune for its users.

According to historical facts, Tourmaline was first discovered by a Spanish Explorer in Brazil during the 1500s. The explorer thought it was an emerald, and the stone was recognized as an emerald gem until the 1800s, when the mineralogist finally identified it as an entirely independent mineral.

Tourmaline Healing Properties

Tourmaline Healing Properties Tourmaline Healing Properties

Like the other gemstones, the Tourmaline also carries several distinct attributes that keep the person safe and healthy on the healing sides; it doesn't matter which shade of the gem you hold. All types of gems bring a bounty of healing benefits to its user.  The Tourmaline helps you Open your heart and mind and manifest life as you want. Here are a few different healing properties of the Tourmaline gemstone mentioned.

    • Physical Healing With Tourmaline

When acquiring the healing advantages of any gemstone, the Tourmaline keeps its position among the topmost gemstones. It is believed that wearing the Tourmaline Jewelry helps its users to bring assuasive and energetic vibes. In addition, the stone can boost the immune and nervous systems of the wearer. 

Further, wearing the gem is thought to prevent panic attacks and blockages and balance the blood circulation and internal parts of the body.

    • Emotional Healing With Tourmaline

Tourmaline is the emotional healing gemstone; upgrading the thought process, removing mental disorders, and providing a sharp mind are the main features of the gem. People adore the crystal to bring pacifying vibes to their exhausting lifestyle.

Many believe that wearing the Tourmaline helps them to improve their communication skills and eliminates the fear of speaking in Public. Thus, many artists and motivational speakers hold the gem to enhance their way of communicating.

    • Spiritual Healing With Tourmaline

If you are looking for a gemstone that can balance your unbalanced chakra, then the Tourmaline is for you. It keeps the ability to stimulate all chakra from root chakra to crown chakra properly. Exorcising with the gem during spiritual practice can help you provide a focused mind and inner wisdom through its untamed natural powers.

Zodiac Properties of The Tourmaline

Zodiac Properties of the Tourmaline Zodiac Properties of the Tourmaline

Wearing the Tourmaline Jewelry benefits those born under the zodiac signs of Libra and Virgo. It promotes self-confidence and removes the fear of whoever holds the ambrosial gem. Moreover, attracting inspiration, compassion, and positive vibes are the primary features of the tourmaline gem. 

How Can You Use the Tourmaline Gemstone

Using the stunning gem in jewelry form is the best way to acquire healing and spiritual benefits. Whether a Tourmaline Ring to grasp vibrational powers or a Tourmaline Pendant to open up your heart chakra. 

So, the Tourmaline gem is faceted into fine cuts and incorporated into different types of metals like sterling silver, rose gold, and yellow gold. Thus you can style the gem in colorful jewelry accessories like rings, pendants, earrings, and other jewelry parts, as it suits every kind of attire.

In addition, you can pair the combination of green and pink Tourmaline with other crystal quartz like Peridot and Amethyst will create a fabulous assemblage of beauty. 

Place The Tourmaline at Your Workplace

If you are a working person and not able to carry such types of heavy jewel accessories, then you can place the gem in your office or workplace around your working area. It will help you to stay energetic and passionate throughout the day. Further, it will help you provide positive surroundings and soothing vibes during work hours. 

How to Care For Your Tourmaline Jewelry

Zodiac Properties of the Tourmaline Zodiac Properties of the Tourmaline

While storing your components of Tourmaline jewelry, make sure that there is no stored crystal jewelry. When two harder gems come in contact with each other, the chances of getting scratched and damaged are probably increased. Therefore, you should always store your jewelry in a separate box.

Don't use any ultrasonic cleaner or chemical to clean your jewelry pieces. As the gems carry softness on their structural aspects, thus they can be fragile or get a rough surface from harmful chemical elements. Instead, wash your gem gently with mild soapy water and detergent. 

Put it off while doing household activities like washing cloths, gardening, cooking food, and other rough work, because it can cause discolored gems and ruin their surface forever.

You should avoid carrying the jewelry pieces while swimming, bathing, and playing; in such activities, your gem can be damaged or destroyed.

How Can You Charge and Cleanse Your Tourmaline Gemstone?

How Can you charge and cleanse your Tourmaline Gemstone How Can you charge and cleanse your Tourmaline Gemstone

Cleansing and charging your gemstone is a must if you prefer to wear jewel pieces regularly. Because using it regularly can make your components dull and tarnish in appearance, so you should clean and charge it at least once in two or three weeks. It will help you re-energize your gem and regain its gorgeous luster. Here are some tips to keep in mind while cleansing and charging the tourmaline gemstone.

  • Running Water - Since both gem and water are natural elements, washing your gem with running water can eliminate any negative energy stored inside the gem. 
  • Saltwater- Salt water is another option to make your crystal shine and lure. Thus, soak the gem in a bowl of salt water for approximately 48 hours until it gets submerged.
  • Natural Light- Last but not least, place your jewelry parts under the Moonlight for over a night during the lunar cycle. The shining rays of the Moon will fill the gem full of energy and vibrational powers.

Final Thoughts on October Birthstones

Every gemstone works according to its natural powers and related planets so that one can choose as per their astrological terms. In this blog, we have briefly discussed holistic and valuable facts about October birthstones Opal and Tourmaline; both are astounding crystals from healing perspectives.

Hopefully, it will help you know about the gemstones' basic facts like historical facts, healing, and color properties. So, keep this valuable point in mind while deciding to buy the October Birthstone Jewelry.

Where to Buy Your Tourmaline Gemstone Jewelry

Where to buy your Tourmaline gemstone Jewelry Where to buy your Tourmaline gemstone Jewelry

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