Incredible Holistic Guide to November Birthstones Incredible Holistic Guide to November Birthstones

The word 'Birthstone' draws people's attention due to its amazing astrological effects linked with planetary movement. Apart from this, their glossy and charming look also impresses and encourages people to buy them. 

A common feature of all birthstones is that they are associated with the birthday month of people. While dealing with the ups and downs of life or the so-called destined struggles, people feel disheartened and depressed. 

People wear birthstones as a gemstone ring to reduce stress levels to some extent and avail its benefit by balancing personal and professional life. Therefore, maximum ornament lovers are interested in knowing the advantages of gems. 

In this blog, you will enrich your knowledge with an Incredible guide to November birthstones. So, keep scrolling to get the answers to all your queries. 

What Are November Birthstones?

What Are November Birthstones? What Are November Birthstones?

The November babies will be enthralled to know that their birthstones are Citrine and White Topaz. They can feel fortunate that they can owe two tempting and gorgeous gems of different shades. Both of them are highly alluring gems having magical healing properties. 

November birthstones White Topaz and Citrine depict love and admiration and, as per belief, welcome good luck to its wearers and shield them from any unfavorable situation. November-born folks can style these gems in the form of elegant birthstone jewelry

People gift birthstone ornaments on birthdays, anniversaries, and many vital days. They are the perfect and memorable present to surprise your loved ones. 

Brief Summary of November Birthstones

The White Topaz belongs to the Aluminium Silicate mineral that additionally has flouride and hydroxide ions. This alluring gemstone is popularly known as Silver or Clear Topaz.  White Topaz is famous and cost - effective of all popular white gems.

In the original state,its mostly unearthed within granite and pegmatite deposits. Artificially it gets treated ti enhance its quality, surface, color and texture. In hardness its measures 8 Mohs scale, but its not very hard.

Majorly the White Topaz comes from Brazil and is called a precious stone. Citrine belongs to the Quartz mineral group, and its color differs from light yellow to brown. 

For a long time, the November Birthstone Citrine gets styled in the form of an ornament for an extended period. However, it continues to remain the most famous yellow gemstone presently. Apart from being a November birthstone, it's also the gem for the 13th wedding anniversary. 

Tales And Historical Details of November Birthstones 

Tales And Historical Details of November Birthstones Tales And Historical Details of November Birthstones 

White Topaz and Citrine of both of them were considered similar before the 20th century. However, in 1930, they got recognition as separate gems due to the development of modern gemology. 

White Topaz is associated with Moon energies and helps to grow clairvoyant powers, intuition and connect with the sacred world. In the ancient era, the Greek people thought this authentic gemstone can bring power to be invisible to its wearer. Travelers also used it to  stay protected during the journey.

In middle age, the November birthstone White Topaz people linked it with a better life, beauty, and intelligence. Moreover, as per the superstitious myths of people, it could heal fevers, absurdity, and blindness. 

People link White Topaz with good fortune, enthusiasm, and ambition. Most people call Citrine the ''merchants stone'' or the ''money stone'' as most people had a conviction that it welcomes wealth and well-being. With its dull yellow Color, the term 'citrine'' came from the French word'' citron, which means ''lemon''. 

One can trace the word back to the Latin term citrina, which means 'yellow.' In age-old Egypt, folks thought Citrine to have magical powers and used them as a protective talisman to eradicate the evil/ negative energies.

For many years people have been wearing trendy and magnetic Citrine Jewelry. The Citrine gem currently signifies energy, wealth, abundance, ecstasy, and good luck. 

Spots of Mining The November Birthstones

Spots of Mining The November Birthstones Spots of Mining The November Birthstones

The graceful and classy November birthstones Citrine and White Topaz existed for several years. As a result, there are many deposits of the White Topaz gemstone. Maximum comes from Brazil in the Minas Gerais, where large deposits got exposed through the 19th century.  

Another abode of the White Topaz gem is Russian Ural Mountain, and in Brazil. Other locations are the Chivinar volcano in South America, the Ilmensky Mountains in Russia, Pakistan, Norway, Nigeria, Mexico, the United States, Australia, and Sri Lanka. 

The Russian Czar wore the White Topaz. It has its own esteemed presence in history and also got mention in Hebrew and Biblical texts. One of the most precious sources of Citrine is the Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil. 

Natural Citrine one can spot in the Anahi mine in Bolivia, which got lost for 30 years, and post this got rediscovered in the second half of the 20th century. Many other places of Citrine deposits include the mines in the Ural Mountains of Russia, Uruguay, Spain, Mexico, and Madagascar.

Physical Qualities of November Birthstones

The Citrine and White Topaz are very much similar in terms of their looks. However, one factor that makes them different from each other is their hardness. 

White Topaz gem is heavier than Citrine as it's a neosilicate mineral. It's an organically occurring mineral that ranks eight on the Mohs hardness scale. Citrine ranks seven on the hardness scale. The difference in their weight differentiates both November birthstones with the same volume. 

The White Topaz is unearthed present in granite and pegmatite deposits and gets measured up to hundreds of pounds. It's also pleochroic, which means that it showcases the rainbow- effect. Such kind of Topaz gets termed as '' mystic Topaz''. 

One can find Citrine in massive hollow crystal-lined Amethyst geodes. It exhibits earth tones, such as brown, dull yellow, and reddish-orange. Most of the Citrine gems in the market are heat-treated amethyst and smoky quartz stones. 

Healing Attributes of November Birthstones 

Healing Attributes of November Birthstones  Healing Attributes of November Birthstones

The old age Egyptians and Romans both associated White Topaz with their specific Sun Gods, Ra, and Jupiter; they thought that wearing it provided them the protection of this god. 

Greeks also had a conviction that this gem made them powerful and unbeatable. In the Renaissance era in Europe, people utilized White Topaz to break the magic spells, and Indians wore it above the heart to welcome intelligence, attractiveness, and longevity.

Modern crystal healers of the Western World detect White Topaz and other aluminium silicates as ' enhancement crystals.' They assist in clarifying your goals and aspirations so that you can take apt steps to manifest them. 

White Topaz supports crown chakra, enabling you to connect with your spiritual path and know your intuitions. People think that it balances thoughts and emotions for a pleasant life. On the contrary, the Silver Topaz is a superb crystal for meditation and permits insight from the higher mind to be incorporated by the physical - self. 

It increases peace and promotes feelings of happiness and ecstasy. According to people's beliefs, Citrine channelizes the powers of the Sun and all its attractive characteristics. It's a universal gem with a lot of commitment and strength. Citrine also boosts confidence and energy, which helps in achieving your goals. 

November Birthstone In an Ornament Form

November Birthstone In an Ornament Form November Birthstone In an Ornament Form

White Topaz and Citrine have both get styled by people in the form of ornament for many years. As the name clear topaz it appears color less and appears lustrous like diamond so that you can pair it with any jewelry. 

The White Topaz can get cut in many shapes and sizes. This gem mostly comes in oval, round, cushion, triangle, emerald, and pear cuts as they are famous. November birthstone Silver Topaz also gets cut in cabochons and faceted. 

Silver Topaz mostly get cut in emerald cut due to its magnificent and elegant look especially in the form of ring . However, they can replace diamonds as they are a superb affordable, or budget-friendly alternative. 

Anyone who adores white Topaz can style them with any attire. In addition, one can style th White Topaz Jewelry in the form of rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants, and necklaces. They are desirable as they make graceful gems with a subtle glow.  

Citrine Jewelry got tremendously worn by the folks of ancient Greece. It was enormously stylish in the 1930s and 1940s as many Hollywood celebrities and actresses styled it. 

One can get Citrine gemstone in many shapes and sizes. It can get carved, custom- cut and calibrated. Citrine also looks captivating in a 925 sterling silver Jewelry setting. They are the best alternative to yellow and diamond sapphires. 

Cost And Worth of November Birthstones 

Cost And Worth of November Birthstones Cost And Worth of November Birthstones

White Topaz and Citrine get valued as per the varied factors and standards. Citrine is more common than White Topaz, which makes its price reasonable. Compared to other valuable gemstones, the silver topaz is affordable. 

If you want to invest in White Topaz and Citrine ornaments, you have many options. One carat Topaz presently costs as less as 4.10$ to 5.10$. Heat-treated ones cost less, which relies on their quality. An imperial Topaz cost falls in the price range of 1000$ to 3 500$. 

The Citrine is a recognized yellow-orange gemstone. Since the top market of this gem has gone through some treatment; so they are available in bulk and are more cost-effective than other gemstones despite being large. 

A Citrine gem costs around 10$ to 30 $ per carat. If it has gone through some treatment, it's likely to be on the lower end of the pricing scale. An organic Citrine is exceedingly hard to find as most of them go through some improvement. Henceforth, Natural Citrine will go for a higher price. The Custom-cut also costs more. 

Shopping Tips For November Birthstones 

Shopping Tips For November Birthstones  Shopping Tips For November Birthstones

Some things you should consider when you are planning to purchase White Topaz and Citrine birthstones are as follows:

  • Look out for even and striking colors- As the Silver Topaz does not have a high price, you can get them in many sizes, colors, and cuts. Ensure to choose the clear or colorless Topaz with shine and resembles with diamond.
  • Select an apt Shape for yourself- One can get creative with the cut of your clear Topaz. One can cut them in any shape as they get mined in large sizes. The most famous are cushion, pear, oval, emerald, round, and similar cuts. To increase the color ability of the silver Topaz, you must choose an emerald cut.
  • Know the Difference Between Treated V/s and Untreated clear Topaz -Getting untreated gems is very difficult. Remember that an untreated one will cost more than a treated one. 

Key things to keep in mind before buying Citrine gemstone are as follows: 

  • As Citrine is not so expensive, ensure you get the best one. One of the vital factors that you must consider is their clarity. Visible inclusions are not standard in this gem. So, searching for a clear eye Citrine is not so difficult. 
  • Opt for Citrine with Extreme Saturation. Most of the dark or deeply colored ones are more precious. One can also get striking orange, red and brown shades.
  • If you give importance to a carat weight, one can get Citrine in many sizes. One can even get this gem in a 20-carat weight for a low price.

Color Description of November Birthstones

Color Description of November Birthstones Color Description of November Birthstones

The White Topaz comes in colorless or one can say clear visibility and sheen too. This most treasured gem has a dynamic, saturated red color. In addition, an imperial Topaz showcases red, orange, peach, pink, and champagne colors. 

At times they also have traces of violet shades. However, to get categorization as an Imperial Topaz, it should have a reddish pleochroic color. Citrine, on the other hand, only shows earthy colors. It includes brownish orange, dull yellow, and reddish orange. Untreated Citrine is also rare. 

Astrological Benefit of November Birthstones

Astrological Benefit of November Birthstones Astrological Benefit of November Birthstones

The Citrine is an enchanted gemstone of success for the Leo zodiac sign. As Sun is its governing planet, as per myths, this gem imbues the power of warm and positive energy into the traits of an anxious Leo.

It assists this lion star in expressing emotionally and opening their hearts through its impeccable healing powers. Furthermore, the White Topaz is a zodiac gemstone for Sagittarius, Pisces and Scorpio star signs and assists in grooming their personality and character. It embeds attraction into the wearer's persona. In addition, the silver Topaz controls the aggressive nature of scorpions, helping in calmer and peaceful conversations. This gem makes the person practical and thoughtful.

Yellow Quartz crystal Citrine is a lucky stone for female scorpions. It's affiliated with the values of commitment, hope, and cheerfulness. People know it in the context that it reflects negative energy and removes any worries that the astrological feature could hold.

November Birthstones Gift For Birthdays

November Birthstones Gift For Birthdays November Birthstones Gift For Birthdays

Birthdays are always memorable, and the day is full of surprises, good wishes, and positivity. People worldwide make every possible effort to astonish their loved ones with unforgettable worth, cherishing presents.

If you are planning to gift Citrine and Silver Topaz ornaments to your close ones born in November or some other month, go for it, as it's an impressive option for birthdays. Silver Topaz gemstone jewelry comes in amazing variety, making it adaptable and easy to match any ensemble. 

Citrine is a very durable form of trinket, especially in the form of a ring. As a healing stone, as per views, it soothes, relaxes, and releases negative energy. 

November Birthstones Gift For Anniversaries

November Birthstones Gift For Anniversaries November Birthstones Gift For Anniversaries

Every anniversary can get illustrated by a gift of alluring gemstone jewelry. Weddings and various ceremonies are notable for the couples and their families. Many couples nowadays prefer investing in something which justifies their taste and style. 

Anniversaries are always special for couples as it reminds them of the unforgettable day on which they tied the knot to stay together for a lifetime. Couples can amaze their close ones by wrapping a beautiful Citrine ring. This gem looks like a blast of sunshine on a cloudy day and will always remind you about the pure love you have nurtured with your life partner. In addition, one can gift the Citrine band on the 13th wedding anniversary.

The Citrine and its yellow-gold color portray a warm tone look and can get shot with drama by adding diamonds. A Sterling silver setting highlights its colorful and sunny character. 

White Topaz is gifted mainly for the wedding anniversary. After that, one can plan to buy mesmerizing and skillfully emerald cut and desirable shaped the glossy  White Topaz ring. You can also purchase a neck piece and pendant. 

Cleansing Tips For November Birthstones

Cleansing Tips For November Birthstones Cleansing Tips For November Birthstones

If you wish to purchase White Topaz and Citrine, it's crucial to clean and charge its energy regularly for a longer time. Silver Topaz is harder than many gems, but it can still shatter; if you apply high force, it may crash with enough influential force.

November birthstone White Topaz can get brittle with its crystal lattice lines. Henceforth, wearing your worthwhile silver topaz ornament is advisable when you wish to do some activities that can harm it. 

Keep it separate in a silky cloth or padded container when you are not wearing clear Topaz. Some kinds of Topaz are susceptible to sunlight; if it gets exposed for a long duration, its color can fade. Ensure to prevent its exposure to the Sun and don't place it near the window. 

Clean White Topaz in lukewarm water and a smooth cloth, avoid using chemicals, and stay away from ultrasonic and steam cleaners. Citrine is a more delicate gem than silver Topaz. 

So, it would help if you remain extra careful not to harm it. For example, if you have heat-treated Citrine, ensure not to keep it in sunlight. Cleaning the Citrine ornaments requires warm water, a soft cloth, and gentle detergent. 

If your Citrine gem is low quality, clean it with your hands only. Prevent implementing steam or boil cleaning methods and ultrasonic cleaners. Take your Citrine accessories off if you wish to go to a swimming pool. 


In this blog, we have discussed holistic information about the stunning, valuable, and beneficial November birthstones that are White Topaz and Citrine. It enriched your knowledge regarding the glossy and astrologically powerful November birthstones. 

It helped you to get insights into the basic concept of birthstones, historical facts, myths, physical properties, healing benefits, cost and worth, color description, essential tips while buying birthstone jewelry, its use, astrological benefit, and helpful cleaning tips.

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