The Ultimate Guide for the December Birthstones The Ultimate Guide for the December Birthstones

December, the last month of the year filled with lots of joy and excitement, involves giving presents and gifts to your loved ones. This month is deemed as the month of extending harmony, adoration, and enjoyment. Moreover, it is the best way to gift yourself something for all the hard work you would have been doing for the complete one year. Yes, you can pat your back and buy something for yourself. 

Now the question comes, what can be the best gift or present? So, the simple answer to this question is to buy birthstone jewelry. Therefore, what can be more perfect than Tanzanite jewelry for the December babies? Furthermore, we are here to guide you in buying the December birthstone. Read the blog till the end, and understand everything from scratch. 

What is Tanzanite?

What is Tanzanite What is Tanzanite

Tanzanite, the meaning of this word, comes from the place it was found for the first time. It is found in a small mining area near the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. The stone is said to be one of the most sought-after gemstones of all time. Moreover, it is an extraordinary gemstone that fascinates the onlookers with its appearance. Therefore, it is one of the most coveted gemstones in the world. Now let us know about the origin of this gemstone.

Origin of Tanzanite

It was the year 1967 when a tribesman named Manuel de Souza discovered this gemstone. Firstly, he considered it as a blue sapphire stone, but he took a little more time to send them to the research lab, where they were said to be different stones. So then, this stone was named after the place where they were found. Furthermore, they are regarded to be rarer than diamonds. So now know about the properties of this rare gem.

Properties of Tanzanite

Tanzanite is the blue variety of zoisite, which contains calcium and aluminum silicate. The rich and vibrant blue stone with a deeply saturated hue is the most valuable one. It is a soft stone that rates hardness between 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale. Moreover, it is pleochroic and is extremely unique, exhibiting different colors when viewed from different angles. However, this alluring gem can seizes hearts with its color and appearance, so let us know about the things to consider before buying the gemstone in detail.

Things to Consider Before Buying

Things to consider before buying Things to consider before buying


Tanzanite stone comes in many shades, from light to dark, but deep blue is the most desired color. This stone can be seen in a striking blend of purple, violets, and different shades of blue. Moreover, the color of the stone can be changed when you see it in daylight and at night. This beautiful stone is known for its trichroism, meaning that it can display different shades, watching them from different angles. Many got confused between the tanzanite jewelry and sapphire jewelry. In addition, the natural Tanzanite is heated and treated, and then it becomes dichroic, showing two colors- blue and violet.


The clarity of the tanzanite stone may be flawless or highly utilized as it can be found in relatively clean crystal or completely ideal blade stone. Moreover, if you see the tiny holes over the crystal or the bubbles within the Tanzanite from your naked eyes, then the stone has a lower price and would be of lower quality. Therefore, the clarity significantly impacts the value of the Tanzanite as it is important for various terminologies used in the industry found in Tanzanite.


Well, for the perfect kind of jewelry, we required the ideal cutting of the stone. If there are any holes or rough edges on one side of the stone, you can imagine how much it will affect the look of the stone. When the stone is poorly cut, the light will spin in through the base of the stone instead of reflecting the edges and the back of your eyes. Therefore, the cut of the gemstone is extremely important and can not be ignored. While cutting the stones, the artists are very careful as the small impact over the stone can affect the whole look of the jewelry and will drop its price. The perfect stones with a perfect cut will be perfectly imbibed into the jewelry metal like sterling silver, rose gold, or yellow gold would be best to sell into the market. 

Let us now understand how tanzanite jewelry helps the person with its healing energy.

Best in Resolving The Health Issue

Best in resolving the health issue Best in resolving the health issue

Tanzanite jewelry is known to strengthen the immune system and enhance the life cycle of a person. It stimulates tissue generations and detoxifies the system by purifying the blood. Even it can help the problems related to the pancreas and spleen. In addition, it has the power to give protection against surgical and medical side effects. Wearing the Tanzanite ring on a daily basis will encourage a healthy recovery from any kind of illness or surgery. It even helps the person having daily issues related to migraine, headaches, and other skin diseases.

Moreover, it has special benefits for women in their fertility-related conditions, and it can be very beneficial to the testis and the ovaries. The one who faces problems of anger, stress, and anxiety can be solved by wearing the tanzanite bracelet. In addition, the ones who are not able to leave their bad habits of alcoholism and drugs can also be cured by wearing this gemstone.

How is it Helpful at The Workplace?

How is it helpful at the workplace? How is it helpful at the workplace?

Tanzanite is a sign of luxury as the blue color stone will help you in achieving your financial goals. It will take away all your stress and make you concentrate on the work which you actually should be focusing on. It is a guiding stone, and you can be composed to work in harmony with people. The stone will keep you realizing your goals and not feeling daunted by them. The stone will develop the ability of patience, which actually means that it will allow you to move forward in an intelligent way. It is a symbol of good luck and good fortune, and you will be able to reach your goals in very less time. It is a powerful tool of transformation and an excellent gemstone to be worn in the work area by fully focusing on the task and enjoying life.

A Love Relationship with Tanzanite

A love relationship with Tanzanite A love relationship with Tanzanite

Tanzanite is one of the prettiest gemstones and is used for engagement and wedding purposes by many people all over the world. This stone aligns the heart and the mind of a person wearing it and makes a connection between them from the heart to their mind. Instead of focusing on other people, tanzanite jewelry will bring the couple closer to each other and make them feel loved. It will make the person courageous and confident and make them realize that love is a beautiful thing that can be cherished forever.

It will develop a bond between the person and will encourage them to open their heart. It has the ability to bring more romantic possibilities and has the ability to establish a relationship that has gone through many difficult challenges. It has even been helping troubled marriages to get together again. 

The Spiritual Energies of Tanzanite

The spiritual energies of Tanzanite The spiritual energies of Tanzanite

Tanzanite is a powerful crystal that even strengthens the spiritual connection with the divine realm. The stone emits a strong vibration and spirituality, allowing the body to make the mind and soul in a deep level of self-awareness and understanding. It will give the courage to the person to look beyond the limitation by breaking the hurdles that have come in the way. It is even known to bring a great deal of wisdom, developing fundamental skills like strategic thinking. The stone even releases all the tension from your spirit and will enhance your creative side and help you to lead the right track. Especially if you have a connection with art and creativity, you must try wearing the Tanzanite pendant, as it would be near to your heart. It will allow you to think better, out of the box, making impossibles possible.

Making Life Positive

Tanzanite jewelry has some special powers connected with it, as it can convert all the negative energies into positive ones, and it will make all the bad experiences the good experience by making you learn a lot when you view them from a different side. The stone will encourage you to show your true self instead of being the fake one. Anyone who receives this gift will be happiest as the gemstones' beauty, and healing energy will shortly change their life.

Beauty of Tanzanite

Besides healing energies, Tanzanite has its spectacular beauty, making several people fall for it. From celebrities to young youth, everyone loves wearing this jewelry. Adding them to your collection would be one of the best decisions you will make, as this gemstone will enhance your glow with its striking color and appearance.  Whether it is a Tanzanite necklace or Tanzanite earrings, they can make you look prettiest at red carpet events or any business events. In addition, wearing the Tanzanite bracelet will add four stars to your attire if you are going to hang out with friends or go for a hot date night.

Cubic Zirconia is Also The December Birthstone

Cubic Zirconia is also the December birthstone Cubic Zirconia is also the December birthstone

Also, learn about the cubic zirconia, as it is even the December birthstone. So, basically, it is a crystalline form of zirconium dioxide that comes in different quality levels and price ranges. Therefore, you need to check the cut, clarity, color, and carat of the stone while buying it from an authentic store. However, this stone is faceted the same as diamonds, and a variety of cuts are used to form different shapes to get a beautiful appearance. 

The cubic zirconia exhibits more sparkle than diamonds when it is cut, a great give-a-way that the stone is simulated. There are chances of developing cloudiness during the manufacturing process. Moreover, these visual imperfection affects the clarity, the more transparent the stone, the more value it has. However, it even comes in shades of pink and blue due to the rise in fancy-color diamond pieces. When this stone is set into sterling 925 silver metal, it comes out as a perfect piece of jewelry. 

Styling with Cubic Zirconia 

It is even commonly known as American diamonds and have come into the spotlight for a wide variety of reasons, including their excellent brilliance. Many women go bonkers for this jewelry as it looks pretty and is the most affordable kind of jewelry. In addition, it has the ability to enhance the personality of women with its highest transparency and uniform color. Moreover, it can make the simplest outfit look dashing and glowing. From magazine covers to black-tie events, the Cubic Zirconia jewelry can be seen worn by many celebrities. 

Healing Properties

Wearing the Cubic zirconia ring or pendant will not make you look pretty, but it has a connection with the third eye chakra, promoting the pathway for vision. It even adds a sense of awareness related to environmental issues. It also resonates with the crown chakra, bringing the higher knowledge and guiding to go in the correct direction. Moreover, it encourages us to face all the challenging situations of life, as it purifies the negative energies from all around. 

The ones born in the month of December must wear this gemstone as it will bring all the good fortune and luxury in their life. However, wearing it daily will glam up their aura anywhere they go. From rings to bracelets to pendants, any one of them would be enough to set the trend.  

After Buying Guide

We believe that buying jewelry is not everything. Customers should know the after-buying guide as well. So we are here to discuss some of the points which you can read and remember after purchasing your Tanzanite jewelry to make its life forever.

This delicate gemstone is relatively soft in comparison to other stones like diamonds and ruby, as this gemstone ranges between 6 to 7 on the toughness scale. So, you need to remember to take off your jewelry while doing any kind of work that is related to hard substances, such as gardening, household chores, or exercises at gyms. Especially one needs to be careful to protect the stone from the griddle edges and corners to save it from getting scratched. 

Moreover, you can clean your tanzanite jewelry with mild soap and water. With a small brush, you gently clean the stone from all around. But it is important to rinse the water from the stone and wipe it with a soft cotton cloth. You must avoid using the ultrasonic cleaner and streamers over the stone, as it is as a high-frequency and vibration process. The high heat over the surface of the stone can harm its originality of the stone. 

How Do You Keep The Jewelry Safe?

How do you keep the jewelry safe? How do you keep the jewelry safe?

You can buy a separate box or a bag to keep your tanzanite jewelry, as this will help stop it from getting rubbed against the item with a high toughness scale. Keeping the jewelry away from the sunlight would also be an additional step to enhance its life, as the sunlight can fade the color of the stone. Moreover, we will recommend you to buy the jewelry from a good and reputable company so that you get the original and exclusive stone. 

Why Sagacia Jewelry?

Why Sagacia jewelry? Why Sagacia jewelry?

You can find the December Birthstone Jewelry anywhere, but the question arises of who provides the quality and trust among the immense pool of sellers? 

Here is the answer to your question- Sagacia jewelry. You can find high-quality products and enticing designs as every jewelry piece is curated at our company and goes through multiple processes. Everything is done with the ultimate level of proficiency, from stone cutting to polishing to imbibing it into sterling 925 silver. 

However, it would be best if you always buy the gemstone from a trustworthy place, and Sagacia jewelry is one of the most authentic places to make your purchase. 

You can find all your requirement in one place, from rings to pendants, to bracelets, to necklaces, all the variety in exclsuive designs. Moreover, you can also check out other stones, as we deal in more than ten gemstones. Buying among these gemstones will always raise your standard and make you look unique among the crowd. Also, you can learn about other stones from other blogs as well. 

Moreover, you would have also researched the cut, clarity, quality, and price of the gemstone, and we are sure that you would not have found any better place than Sagacia jewelry. As our company has stood above the expectations of our customers in rending them the best quality and services in most affordable rates. Experience leisure in your retail purchase and explore the wide range of beautiful sterling silver jewelry. Also, don't forget to write your feedback. 

If you have any queries, do let us know. We will be more than happy to help!