Is Purple one of your favorite colors? Are you also intrigued by the lovely lilac hues that go to deep violet shades? If yes, then let us introduce you to your dream stone that will leave you spellbound with its great color. Unveiling stunning Amethyst Gemstone with vibrant purple tinges that often vary with each piece. People cherish this magnificent beauty in the form of Gemstone Jewelry because of the boldness it adds to any look. For all the onlookers aspiring for the same beauty, here’s all you want to know about this ethereal gem.

What is Amethyst Crystal?

Amethysts usually form in the most natural surroundings under intense heat and pressure. They generally occur in long prismatic crystals in geodes and hollow rocks. These geodes form when there is cavities in volcanic rock and when mineral-saturated water fills, it takes the place of a crystal. These crystals gradually harden and result in our Amethyst. Natural Amethyst Crystals are a member of quartz crystals, and since they form naturally, their tones vary with each stone. From intense reddish-purple color to pale purple that fades to lilac shades, it is a delight to watch this gem in every manner.

Amethyst Meaning is associated with its name, which is majorly because of its color. The word ‘amethyst’ derives from the Greek word “amethystos,” which implies soberness and relates to maintaining a sober mindset. Ancients believed that the gem protects its owner from drunkenness and intoxication. It represents serenity, confidence, royalty, trust, and grace. For all those who love to add an extra madness to their look, Amethyst Jewelry is the ideal option to consider. Ranging around 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness, they are highly durable and a perfect option to suit all kinds of jewelry.

Amethyst Healing Properties

Various gemstones are studded with multiple healing properties varying according to their own individual characteristics. Amethyst Healing Properties protects its wearer from negative energies. By bringing peacefulness and clarity in your life, it helps you stay focused on your goals. People believe that it purifies the body from all toxins and cures infections from the body. Its calming properties help with good sleep and produce soothing dreams.

Its benefits include alleviating negative feelings such as fear, anxiety, anger, and depression. The gem dispels rage and calms you with its positive vibes. The purple color of the crystal awakens your spiritual energy and enhances your psychic abilities. You can create a better version of yourself by having a strong physical and mental connection. It represents purification and connection with divine beings.

The purple color of the stone indicates that it is associated with the third eye and crown chakra. By activating the Crown chakra in its wearer, it facilitates a strong mental connection inside its wearer. Wearing Amethyst Jewelry can help a person connect with their higher self and the cosmic energy in our environment.

Amethyst - The February Birthstone

Amethyst is a traditional and modern February Birthstone that naturally provides more benefits to the people born in this particular month. For this reason, people born in February are slightly inclined toward purchasing Amethyst February Birthstone Jewelry. It gives them more courage and clarity in life. Also, providing confidence in the life of its wearer, it allows you to grow your relationships stronger. So, next time you plan to gift something meaningful to your close ones, choose pure 925 sterling silver Amethyst Birthstone Jewelry

The concept of Birthstone Jewelry is gradually taking over with time, and thus, it is really trending. By indulging in this gem either for yourself or your loved one , you are going to make an appropriate choice to remain classy. Also, you can see some of the most intriguing jewelry designs when it comes to the birthstone jewelry collection. Thus, make sure that you do not miss it anyhow.

A Perfect 6th Wedding Anniversary Gift

Amethyst is traditionally associated with a deeper meaning that fosters happiness in the lives of the couples when gifted on their 6th anniversary. For a long time, each milestone of a wedding anniversary has been associated with symbolic substances that carry a deeper meaning. Amethyst powers provide a calm, relaxing energy to the couple, making their relationship more stronger. Thus, if you are also looking for something unique and special to gift someone on their 6th wedding anniversary, this might be the best option. Through this, you can add a sense of personal touch to your gift and make your special moments memorable.

Amethyst as Zodiac Birthstone

The purple Amethyst holds its connection with both Aquarius and Pisces. The violet energy it radiates is a dreamy match for people with these two zodiac signs. It brings love, light, and confidence to the lives of both the zodiac sign holders. Pisces are creative by nature, and tapping on to the powers of amethyst by a Pisces directly enhances their strong artistic skills of them. Having strong empathetic nature, Pisces can naturally sometimes create problems for themselves. While indulging in the powers of this purple-colored crystal, they can effectively lend an understanding ear without falling into the pitfalls of the issues created by others.

Similarly, when it comes to Aquarians, they are known for their high intellect and deep-seeing through capability. Amethyst helps an Aquarius bring smooth communication to the table while presenting their best version. Its calm allows them to see things clearly while maintaining their typical analytical nature. It serves as a reminder that changes are an eternal part of human life.

Amethyst Gemstone Jewelry

Are you thinking about purchasing a piece of purple gemstone jewelry for yourself? Don’t fall back as it is one of the most popular gemstone accessories prized for its beauty and unique properties. It never fails to make a statement each time you wear it, irrespective of the occasion. You can find some fantastic designs of Amethyst Necklace, earrings, rings, and other similar accessories, which you can flaunt anytime. Mostly, you will see this wonderful gem working out best for you in the cocktail evening parties because of its bold appearance. For this, you can try out and pair it up with dark-colored attire and watch how quickly it transforms your whole appearance.

Its bold purple color adds a statement appeal to your look, attracting all the attention that you deserve. Accenting this stunning crystal with pure 925 sterling silver would be the most favorable suggestion that we would give. This adds a perfect tint of shine and luster to your crystal while maintaining its own authenticity. Although, if you love to add drama to your jewelry box, you might as well go for a rose-gold or gold vermeil in metal. Since amethysts are hard and durable, it is easy to cut them in a variety of shapes and sizes to provide you with some of the most versatile designs.

For example, if you plan to propose to the love of your life with an Amethyst Engagement Ring, you can choose a rose-gold metal for it. The soft pink hues of this metal represent a feeling of love that is perfect for your big day. To be straightforward, choose a metal color that suits according to the sole purpose of your accessory.

You can even pair up different gemstones with this purple-colored gem and increase its powers and shine both. Other stones that accent well with Amethyst include Rose Quartz, as it adds a pure feminine vibe to your look and attire. With a combination of purple and pink hues simultaneously, you can cherish your delicate jewelry easily. Another stunning jewel that you can make a dream match is Aquamarine Jewelry. Amethyst and Aquamarine, when combined, reflect strong healing powers such as tranquility and balancing energy flow for the people who want to show their creative side. Also, the blue color of aquamarine accents well with that of purple tones of Amethyst.

However, if you are looking for an ideal color match with Amethyst Gemstone, the yellow tones of Citrine Jewelry would be perfect. For those seeking a bright burst of energy, the vibrant colors of both crystals make them an ideal pick. You can even consider these for summer jewelry and create an eternal long-lasting summer fashion.

What To Check Before Purchasing Amethyst Jewelry?

If you are planning to add this heart-melting gem to your collection, don’t forget to check these facts before making a purchase. Generally, amethyst comes in an eye-clean texture, which implies that it doesn’t include any inclusions or imperfections inside its surface. They are likely to be clear and transparent in appearance. So, whenever you are purchasing an amethyst for yourself, don’t accept any crystal with visible flaws.

Another essential aspect that you need to check is the color of the gem. Since these crystals are formed naturally, they carry uneven tones, and there is no fixed shade throughout them. For this reason, many jewelry manufacturers use heat treatments to darken and enhance the color. You can also find some of the synthetic stones that are mere replicas of the real ones but with dark colors. This is majorly done to get a higher value of the jewelry as dark tones are always highly valuable and rare. So, next time you purchase, make sure to ask for the quality of your Amethyst Crystal.

When it comes to the price of amethyst, it actually varies according to various factors such as color, quality, size, and much more. Often there is a higher price for the crystals having rich purple shades and are highly cherished. Therefore, don’t forget to check on the pricing and effectively compare it with other sources carrying the same accessories. This will help you make an informed purchase regarding your gem.

Purchasing your Amethyst Jewelry at Sagacia Jewelry

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